ZTE Axon Mini: Tell the Readers to the Smartphone Newbie

With ZTE urges after Huawei and Xiaomi the next Smartphone manufacturer from China on the world market. And like its competitors, ZTE in Germany wants to gain a foothold. So far, the manufacturer offered rather cheap devices of the blade series, now high-quality smart phones such as the axon mini to bring success. Whether achieved and how well the 329 euro newcomer in practice proven, our site readers and technology blogger in detail and exclusively as reader testers tried out.

The reader test: The test points


Readers appealed from mini full of Axon’s performance in their tests. For this they carried out tests on camera, speed and battery life about. Also thoroughly test and evaluate them had the highlights and extras of the ZTE how unlock via Iris – Scan and fingerprint sensor or the screen printing technology, additional functions will throw force touch the differently strong pressure on the display.

The reader testers to the newcomers say that

18 opinions the conclusion of the reader-testers

The opinions of the readers Tester


The fingerprint sensor has impressed readers Wolfgang Groning: the application reacts very quickly and works even in standby mode. The force feature found, adequate Tester Uwe Jerneizig in everyday life: just pictures and menus I found it very helpful. For reader Matthias Ruf was the iris scanner only cumbersome to use and also not really reliable in the application. Anh do is not convinced of the battery: the battery lasts not long at me in everyday life. Only then I must download about 5 hours in mixed-use. One of the tested technology blogger, Chris Görtz, has not expose mini at the pace of the axon: there were no juddering or feeling that the device comes here or there on the limits of its performance. Vanessa Sekker with the ZTE likes photos: the main camera and the LED flash leave in combination any wishes for snapshots.

All the reader-testers test impressions


In addition to the test phase, which had to log the reader in detail, they were tasks such as extensive tests of the camera function, battery life, Entsperrfunktionen or the suitability for everyday use by the editorial staff over three weeks. Their findings regularly sent participants to the Our site editors.


The ZTE Axon mini in the our site practice test

Video: The judgments of the reader-testers

The axon mini spares the wallet but is also the performance? 20 readers tested the noble smartphone exclusively through its paces. Performance at a glance: ZTE Axon mini reader test

More security and comfort?


In the last day of the trial, there was a final judgment on the fingerprint sensor, the IRIS scanners and voice recognition by the testers. To what extent these features increase comfort and safety and the reader would use permanently in the future? The fingerprint sensor unusual in the price range was very positive: the fingerprint sensor is the absolute highlight for me, works nearly 100% reliable and is not to cheat, Angelo Costanza is representative of almost all other testers. When the voice recognition and the iris scanner they did themselves regarding the reliability but much more difficult, so Markus Schutte perceives it as annoying that the voice recognition is not always works and has an unpleasant feeling, to use them in public. Clive Pichler MacLean like the iris scanner, however,: with him I can make visible areas on my phone just for me. Learn more in the following Gallery.

Iris scanner, fingerprint sensor & co.

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The ZTE in everyday life


Convinced the axon mini Tester in everyday? The readers were impressed especially by the practical and secure fingerprint sensor and the image quality of the display: positive is I noticed that the phone has a very nice clear display. And large, there to report not much negative, describes the test time with the ZTE Iris Maurer. Uwe Heinrich can, however, Android and his opinion little intuitive operation not friends with he prefers the iOS operating system. Andreas Henschel draws comparison to the Android competition: the axon mini lies well in the hand, is stable and is an excellent substitute for Samsung & co. for everyday use

Suitability for everyday use of the axon mini

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Compelling front camera


Mini readers above all of the existing features and the front camera were taken with when dealing with the two cameras of the axon. As a proxy for this Markus Schütte: the Selfiekamera is the best, the I up date tested have. Matthias Ruf perceives functions such as straightening and Autoshot smile, however, as unnecessary. Vanessa Sekker summarizes your opinion to the photographs as follows: especially the fast auto focus, the quick release and the good pictures in daylight convinced me.

The cameras and their functions

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Endurance of batteries


Many smartphone users bring their device with a battery charge no all day also the axon mini a few reader testers up to the night’s sleep doesn’t. With heavy use the mobile phone must be loaded in the evening, similar like in my iPhone also, Uwe Heinrich sees the mobile phone at the level of the competition. Vanessa Sekker positive faces of endurance: the battery life is more than decent. Looks just playing sound Ahn do, however, high consumption: graphically rich games like asphalt 8 eats the ZTE much power and requires very soon for an outlet.

Intensive use: battery in the hardness test

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ZTE in Apple’s footsteps


The ZTE Axon mini is the first Android Smartphone available in Germany, the force touch. How deeply the function is already integrated into Android and they feel the reader as an added value in comparison to the Android competition? Many testers, especially the interplay with the camera app stands out positively: the camera app I find force touch handy, because you can quickly choose between Selfie, video, photo, or slow motion, forward Florian Czyschke. It is also clear that the function while lot offers potential, but after more applications on Android and apps from crying out the play store. Representative to Kevin Dicks: I think the idea of a sensible thing, but are currently still linked to some functions with the apps. Clive Pichler MacLean is now enthusiastic: A well thought-out solution that lets one use the Smartphone even smarter.

Force touch focus

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Favorite apps tested


Without further ADO the reader-testers did, if not their preferred pre-installed, apps on the axon a mini. They did not have much cause for complaint. So brought Florian Czyschke the ZTE not to falter: multiple active apps are stable no problem that entire system works for the device. Ahn do the Smartphone with graphically demanding games like asphalt 8 and dead effect 2 limits brought tone. Also Iris Maurer likes to play just one of their favorite games while not optimal ran: all apps can quickly open and run up on the game, Minion rush, very liquid. self ran a NEF file with Photoshop image editing without further complications at a reasonable pace, so that the mobile is nothing major manufacturers, is convinced Kevin Dicks.

Stability test: The apps of the reader

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The ZTE Axon mini in detail


For everyday Smartphone, the axon mini offers these features:

ZTE Axon mini: the Smartphone offers

It’s 5 functions in the unit

The special items during the test


How’s doing mini the ZTE Axon, if you look at individual aspects of your Smartphone? The 20 exclusive Tester received a total of six different specific tasks such tests to the camera, to force touch or the suitability for everyday use, requiring the ZTE in a special way during the test phase.

ZTE permanent loan for all testers


The reader testers who had completed all tasks on time, allowed her to Axon keep regardless of how their results had fallen from mini as a permanent loan. These readers may permanently keep your ZTE test device: Christopher p. / Paderborn, Chris G./Krefeld, ton Anh D. Freiburg, Kevin D./Hamm, Matthias R./Biberach to the crack, Florian C./Tostedt, Iris M./Kassel, Uwe H. / Düsseldorf, Heinz Norbert R./Germany, Markus B./Neutraubling, Michael p. / Meyenburg, Angelo C./Altheim/Alb, Vanessa S. / Frankfurt, Wolfgang G./Scharbeutz, Robert Georg Kurt D./Altdorf, Andreas H./Hannover , Uwe j. Tensbüttel Röst, Markus S. Bochum, Clive P. / Homberg.