Worcester County, Massachusetts Demographics

Worcester County, Massachusetts Demographics

Worcester County is located in central Massachusetts and is bordered by Middlesex County to the east, Hampden County to the west, and Hampshire and Berkshire counties to the north. The county covers an area of 1,579 square miles and has a population of 807,845 people as of 2019. The county seat is Worcester.

The geography of Worcester County is varied with rolling hills, wetlands, forests, rivers, lakes and ponds. There are also plenty of open spaces for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and camping. The highest point in the county is Mount Wachusett at 2,006 feet above sea level.

The climate in Worcester County is typical of New England with cold winters and warm summers. Winters are generally cold with temperatures averaging between 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit while summers are usually mild with temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowfall can be heavy during winter months while springtime brings rain showers that help bring lush vegetation to the area.

Worcester County has a diverse population consisting of people from many backgrounds including Irish American, Italian American, Polish American and African American communities among others. The largest city in the county is Worcester which has a population of 181,045 people as of 2019. Other cities in the county include Fitchburg (40,318), Leominster (41,906) and Shrewsbury (36,037).

Worcester County offers a perfect blend of rural countryside beauty combined with modern city amenities that make it an attractive place to live and visit for both locals and tourists alike. From its rich history to its natural beauty this unique area has something for everyone.

Economy of Worcester County, Massachusetts

Worcester County, Massachusetts is a vibrant and diverse region with a strong economy. The county is home to many industries, including healthcare, education, technology, manufacturing, and retail. The largest employers in the county are UMass Memorial Health Care, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester Public Schools, Saint-Gobain Corp., and Hanover Insurance Group.

The healthcare industry is the largest employer in Worcester County with over 38% of jobs in the sector. UMass Memorial Health Care is the largest employer in the county and employs over 11,000 people across its facilities in Worcester and Leominster. Other major employers in the healthcare industry include Reliant Medical Group and Fallon Health.

Education is another important component of Worcester County’s economy with several colleges and universities located throughout the region. The University of Massachusetts Medical School is one of the largest employers in the county with over 6,000 employees while Worcester Polytechnic Institute employs over 3,000 people across its main campus and satellite campuses throughout New England.

Manufacturing also plays an important role in Worcester County’s economy with companies such as Saint-Gobain Corp., which produces construction materials such as insulation; Covanta Energy Corporation which produces energy from waste; Unum Group which provides insurance services; and Bose Corporation which manufactures audio equipment all having major operations within its borders.

Retail is another key part of Worcester County’s economy with numerous shopping centers located throughout the region including Solomon Pond Mall located in Marlborough; Greendale Mall located in Worcester; Shoppes at Blackstone Valley located in Millbury; White City Shopping Center located in Shrewsbury; Auburn Mall located in Auburn; and Westgate Shopping Center located West Boylston among others.

Worcester County has a strong economy that offers opportunities for employment across many different sectors from healthcare to education to manufacturing to retail making it an attractive place for businesses looking to invest or relocate.

Libraries in Worcester County, Massachusetts

According to babyinger, Worcester County, Massachusetts is home to a wide variety of libraries that serve the needs of its residents and visitors. The Worcester Public Library is the largest library system in the county, with nine branches located throughout the city. The branches offer a variety of services including lending books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and other materials; providing access to computers and Wi-Fi; running programs for children and adults; hosting book clubs; and much more. In addition to the Worcester Public Library system, there are several smaller libraries located in various towns throughout Worcester County.

The Auburn Public Library serves residents of Auburn and surrounding towns with an extensive collection of books, magazines, videos, audio books, CD-ROMs and other materials. It also offers computer access with printers available for public use as well as Wi-Fi access. The library hosts regular programs for adults and children such as story times for kids and book clubs for adults.

The Shrewsbury Public Library is another great resource for people living in Shrewsbury or nearby towns. It offers a wide range of materials including books, magazines, DVDs and CDs among other things. In addition to its extensive collection it also provides computer access with printers available for public use as well as Wi-Fi access. The library hosts regular programs such as story times for kids and book clubs for adults too.

The Northborough Free Library is an independent library serving Northborough residents with an impressive selection of materials ranging from books to magazines to videos to audio books among many others. They offer computer access with printers available for public use as well as Wi-Fi access too. They host regular programs such as story times for kids and book clubs for adults too.

The Southborough Library serves residents of Southborough with a wide variety of materials including books, magazines, DVDs/CDs/VHS tapes/video games among many others plus computer access with printers available for public use along with Wi-Fi access that’s free to all patrons who visit the library. They host regular programs such as story times for kids and book clubs too.

Worcester County has a great selection of libraries that offer a variety of services from lending materials to providing computer access plus hosting regular programming like story times or book clubs. This makes it easy for people living in or visiting this county to find what they need when it comes to finding information or just having fun while learning something new.

Worcester County, Massachusetts

Landmarks in Worcester County, Massachusetts

According to a2zdirectory, Worcester County, Massachusetts is home to many historical and cultural landmarks that are worth exploring. From grand old buildings to stunning natural scenery, there is something for everyone in this beautiful part of the country.

The Worcester Art Museum is a great place to start exploring the area’s history and culture. Founded in 1896, it houses a vast collection of artwork from around the world, including paintings, sculptures, textiles and prints. It also holds numerous special exhibitions throughout the year that celebrate art from different cultures and time periods.

The Salisbury Mansion is another landmark in Worcester County that is definitely worth visiting. Built in 1772 by Major John Salisbury for his wife Hannah, it stands as a testament to the family’s wealth and status at the time. This grand old building has been beautifully restored with period furniture and decorations and offers tours for visitors who want to learn more about its history.

The EcoTarium is an interactive science museum located in Worcester County that focuses on nature and environmental education. It features an indoor/outdoor exhibit hall with live animal displays, a planetarium, an outdoor wildlife sanctuary with trails and gardens as well as interactive activities like scavenger hunts and hands-on exhibits. The EcoTarium also hosts educational programs throughout the year such as summer camps, field trips and workshops.

For those looking for outdoor activities there are plenty of places to explore in Worcester County too. The Wachusett Mountain State Reservation offers spectacular views of surrounding forests from its summit which can be reached via a network of trails or by taking a chairlift ride up the mountain side. There are also many other hiking trails in this area ranging from easy strolls through wooded areas to challenging treks up mountain peaks so there’s something for everyone here.

Finally, no trip to Worcester County would be complete without visiting some of its charming towns such as Grafton or Shrewsbury which offer unique shops filled with local products as well as delicious restaurants serving up classic New England fare. With all these great things to do, it’s no surprise that Worcester County has become one of Massachusetts’ most popular tourist destinations.

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