What to See in Langkawi (Malaysia)

What to See in Langkawi (Malaysia)

According to Ehangzhou.org, Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands. The largest of them is Palau-Langkawi, where the largest number of tourists come. Langakwi is a modern resort with long sandy beaches, developed infrastructure, numerous shops and picturesque nature. Langkawi means “red eagle”┬áin Malay. Eagles with brick-colored wings really live here, and in one of the towns – Kuah – there is a huge “monument” to this bird. At the pier of this city, located in the southeast of the island, tourists who come by ferry to Langkawi disembark. In the past, it was a simple city with a few streets, but now it is a thriving center with chic hotels. trade and business complexes. The main square of the city is Eagle Square, located at the pier. The area is beautifully planned, with backwaters, bridges, covered gazebos, restaurants and brick arches. Proximity to the sea and soft breeze make this area an ideal place for walking. In Kuah, there are numerous duty-free shops along one of the streets.

There are no historical monuments on Langkawi, but the island is a real paradise for nature lovers. You can look at the whole island by taking a ride on the cable car, which starts on the northwestern coast of the island of Langakwi and leads to the second highest point in the archipelago – Mount Mat Cincang. From here you can see not only the entire archipelago, but also Thailand and Indonesia. There are observation platforms along the way, one of which offers a view of a beautiful sunset. The island has a large number of parks that delight the eye with their abundant greenery. Some of them have preserved ancient buildings that tell about the life of farmers.

16 km north of Kuah is the village of Air Khangat. This place is famous for hot springs. Here you can also listen to the performance of a folklore ensemble and watch shows with the participation of unusual artists – elephants and snakes. South of Kuah is the mangrove reserve Langkawi Mangroveswhere rare brahmin kite and huge sea eagles live. Tours of the reserve take the form of boat trips, from which guides throw food into the water in order to attract birds.

Langkawi International Fashion Zone is located in the western part of Langakwi Island. Here you can buy clothes and accessories of the most famous European fashion houses. Also on Langakwi snake and crocodile farms are interesting; the Laman Padi Langkawi complex, which tells about the history of rice cultivation on the island; Lake Dayang Bunting on the island of the same name, which is the largest lake in the archipelago; waterfalls, the most impressive of which is ”Telaga Tujuh”, whose seven streams form seven lakes; Mausoleum of Princess Maskhuri; the Perdana Gallery, which houses 2,500 gifts and awards given to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Oceanarium ”Underwater World” is one of the best in the world. This marine aquarium features over 5,000 fish and marine animals. A 15-meter tunnel has been laid at the bottom. Its walls are made of 38 mm tempered and specially processed glass, which allows visitors to feel in close proximity to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Langkawi is famous for its soft white sand beaches and clear blue waters. On the northwest coast of the island in Datai Bay are the most luxurious hotels, including the world-famous Datai Bay Golf Resort. For divers, every day a small boat leaves the local Eagle Harbor for the islands protected by the Palau Payar Marine Park.. Palau Payar is considered the best marine park on the west coast. The park includes 4 islands. Here is the most beautiful coral atoll in the entire Strait of Malacca. The best dive sites are found along the southern, western and eastern coasts of Palau Payar. In coastal waters, you can find shellfish with shells, squid, sea snails, crabs and various types of fish.

Langkawi (Malaysia)

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