US 34 and 36 in Illinois

US 34 and 36 in Illinois

US 34 in Illinois

US 34
Get started Burlington
End Berwyn
Length 211 mi
Length 340 km














Downers Grove


La Grange


According to findjobdescriptions, US 34 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road forms an east-west route through the center and north of the state, from the city of Burlington on the Iowa border via Galesburg to Berwyn, a suburb of Chicago. The road is 340 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Western Illinois

US 34 just after the Mississippi River.

At Burlington, US 34 in Iowa crosses the Mississippi River from Ottumwa, also the border with Illinois. The road then narrows from a freeway to a main road with one lane in each direction, before continuing for 25 miles through meadows east to the town of Monmouth, where there is an intersection with US 67. From Monmouth, US 34 is a 2×2 lane highway to Galesburg, about 30 kilometers away. The highway runs along the north side of the town, after which a junction with Interstate 74follows. After I-74, US 34 is again a regular single-lane highway and continues northeast through a flat and monotonous agricultural area with no forest. The road leads through Kewanee to Sheffield, where US 34 merges with US 6, which runs parallel to Interstate 80. This double-numbering lasts approximately 15 miles until the town of Princeton, where US 6 continues straight east and US 34 turns northeast and intersects I-80. The road then continues to Mendota, where there is an intersection with US 52. Shortly afterwards, the connection with Interstate 39 follows. US 34 then heads east, through a sparsely populated area with only a few small villages, before reaching the major metropolitan area of ​​Chicago.


At the large suburb of Aurora, US 34 enters the Chicago metropolitan area and crosses the Fox River. On the south side of Aurora follows the intersection with US 30. The US 34 here is called Ogden Avenue and has 2×2 lanes. Aurora is followed by the approximately 150,000 inhabitants suburb of Naperville. Several 2×2 north-south axes are already being crossed here, mostly state routes. In Downers Grove it connects with Interstate 355. The road also runs close to Interstate 88. It then passes through a number of smaller suburbs and US 34 is its main commercial zone. At Hinsdale the connection with Interstate 294 follows. A little further on in La Grange, the intersection with the triple-numbered La Grange Road follows, the US 12, US 20 and US 45 converge here. The road then passes under a major railroad line and the road continues through the oldest suburbs west of Chicago. US 34 then ends in Berwyn on State Route 43. Ogden Avenue continues toward downtown Chicago.


US 34 was created in 1926, its eastern terminus was then US 6 in Sheffield. In 1934 it was extended east to Chicago and shortened in 1970 to Berwyn, a suburb of Chicago. In 1917, the first bridge over the Mississippi River opened at Burlington. On October 4, 1993, it was replaced by the current Great River Bridge. It is not known when the highway around Galesburg was built, but at least in the 1980s or earlier.

Traffic intensities

About 10,300 vehicles cross the Mississippi River every day, before dropping to about 4,200 vehicles for Monmouth. The highway section to Galesburg has about 9,000 vehicles per day, and 13,700 vehicles for the I-74. After that, the intensities drop to between 2,000 and 3,000 vehicles per day. The section towards Mendota has barely 1,000 vehicles, which then slowly increases towards Chicago, to 14,500 just before the urban area, along Aurora this is 36,400 vehicles. In the suburban area, intensities remain between 30,000 and 35,000 vehicles, quite a lot for a road with so many intersections and traffic lights. About 23,000 vehicles continue to the end in Berwyn.

US 36 at Illinois

US 36
Get started East Hannibal
End Scotland
Length 216 mi
Length 348 km

Hannibal – Decatur:





According to Indexdotcom, US 36 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road forms an east-west route through the center of the state, from the Missouri border at East Hannibal through Springfield and Decatur to the Indiana border at Scotland. Much of the route, between East Hannibal and Decatur, is double -numbered with Interstate 72. The route is 348 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Eastern Illinois

On the west side of the town of Decatur, US 36 exits from I-72 and continues east through the city. With approximately 80,000 inhabitants, Decatur is one of the larger cities in the state outside the Chicago metropolitan area. The road passes the small airport of Decatur and then follows a dead straight route for 120 kilometers to the Indiana border. This area consists of endless agricultural fields and is largely flat with no forest. The road sometimes goes straight for tens of kilometers and you regularly cross small roads. Major roads are not crossed over the 50 kilometers from Decatur to Tuscola. On the west side of Tuscola, the US 45 crosses grade separated. On the east side of Tuscola it connects with Interstate 57, to which US 45 runs parallel. Then the road continues straight to the east and after about 55 kilometers the intersection with US 150 follows at Chrisman. Not far after that the border with Indiana follows, after which US 36 in Indiana continues towards Indianapolis.


US 36 was created in 1926 on its current route through Illinois. In 1936, the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge was opened over the Mississippi River at Hannibal, which was replaced in 2000 by the current Mark Twain Memorial Bridge over which I-72 runs. US 36 was replaced west of Decatur by the construction of Interstate 72. In 1976, the section of I-72 between Springfield and Decatur was opened. The portion west of Springfield is newer, opening in 1977 to Jacksonville and continuing to the Missouri border at Hannibal in 1991, making US 36 west of Decatur an entire highway. The highway was numbered only US 36 west of Springfield for several years, in 1995 the I-72 was extended westward to Hannibal.

Traffic intensities

The double-numbered section west of Springfield is very quiet, with intensities ranging from 6,300 at East Hannibal to 32,800 just before I-55 in Springfield. The triple numbering with the I-55 has 50,200 vehicles, and about 13,500 vehicles are heading towards Decatur. East of Decatur, US 36 gets its own route, and traffic volumes are around 3,000 vehicles, east of I-57 only 1,200 vehicles per day.

US 36 at Illinois

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