United Arab Emirates Education

United Arab Emirates Education

The education system in the United Arab Emirates consists of 2-year preschool, 6-year primary school, 3-year secondary school and 3-year secondary school. It is compulsory school for 6 years (primary school). In practice, almost 100% of the children go to primary school in the primary school. class. Less than half of the school attendance starts in secondary school, and less than 25% attend high school.

The school system is centrally directed, both in terms of planning and content. It is emphasized that everyone should learn both Arabic and English.

United Arab Emirates Schooling


The United Arab Emirates University has seven faculties with approx. 10,000 students. In addition, there are smaller institutes and technical colleges for different types of higher education. 20% of the population is considered illiterate, evenly distributed between women and men.

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