UAB Review

UAB Review

I still can’t believe the four months here in Barcelona, ​​Spain are over. The time here was very intense and special for me. I recognized many things and became a completely new and changed person. When I got here, I was so scared that I would not find friends or an apartment. Now I know that these worries were absolutely unnecessary. I mean, I’ve met so many people from all over the world and had the opportunity to make real friends. I’ve never had a life as intense as here in Barcelona. I will never forget the time here and the people I met here.


Above all, my knowledge of Spanish has improved a lot through the semester abroad. The House hunting has been generally very difficult from Germany, so I decided to fly and looking from there a week before the semester begins to Spain. I can particularly recommend portals such as Idealista and Facebook when looking for an apartment. At this point I would like to encourage you again, do not get too crazy when it comes to looking for an apartment, in the end everyone had found an apartment and everyone was quite satisfied with their accommodation and with their flatmates.


As far as my choice of subjects is concerned, I was also relatively satisfied here. I chose a total of 3 courses including Human Resources, International Finance and a Spanish course. The finance course was the most complex for me, but it was also where I learned the most. According to ehuacom, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is short for UAB.



Of course, despite all the courses and the study effort, try to enjoy life in Barcelona. It’s best to download apps such as Meetup, which often offer language evenings or yoga courses that you can take part in for little money or for free.

I will especially miss the days when we all met on Wednesdays in the bar Ovella Negra and then danced until 6 a. m. in clubs like Razzmatazz or the days when we sat on the beach until 3 a. m. and tried to talk to each other in different languages communicate.

I will miss the days when I went to the Antilla Bar with Miro and Marine every Thursday to develop our bachata skills.

I will miss the day when we managed to organize our first dinner at Miro’s with all the people we met here in Barcelona.

I will miss the day when we traveled to Valencia with Shaaz and walked around with our wet socks all day because it was raining so heavily that day.

I will miss the day Marine taught me that there can never be too much food on the table.

I will miss the day that Jaquline and I met Chema and Lars in Gracia Latina.

I will miss the day when I danced with the dancer in the bikini club and I didn’t care if anyone was watching or not.

I will miss the day we celebrated my birthday in Bunkers del Carmen with a view of all of Barcelona.

I will miss the day when I drove to Congost Mont-Rebei and walked four hours to reach the top of the mountain.

I will miss the day I saw the sunset with Marton in Montjouic.


At this point you are probably wondering why I have listed all these things. Well, because all of these things are exactly the things you should definitely do when in Barcelona and a lot more. Best to try a different one every day every weekend. To go to bars, restaurants and clubs, because there is so much to discover in Barcelona and you will be surprised again and again. Try to avoid the same places over and over again and be open to new things. Use every day as best you can and when you learn, try to sit down in the beautiful cafes or just study on the beach. Be open to new and unknown places as well as new and unknown people and you will have a breathtaking time in Barcelona.

However, you shouldn’t be too relaxed and open, because especially on the beach in Barcelona there are a lot of pickpockets in the evening, so be a little careful and keep your eyes open, especially there.

We all have the same fears and doubts in life, but if we are always afraid in life, we will never achieve anything.

UAB Review

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