Togo Education

Togo Education


The education system is strongly characterized by French as a language of instruction and a French-inspired school structure with a degree focus and the aim to reach the university stage as the final goal. After primary school for six years, a secondary school follows two stages: a four-year second degree and a three-year troisième degree. In 2009, almost all children started the current age in grade 1, but about 25% fall away before the end of grade 6. Attendance is significantly higher in the south than in the northern region. In primary school the proportion of girls is basically as high as the proportion of boys, but in secondary school there are close to two boys on each girl.

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Togo Schooling

Land area 56,785 km²
Total population 8,608,444
Residents per km² 151.6
Capital Lomé
Official language French
Income per capita 1,700 USD
Currency CFA Franc BCEAO
ISO 3166 code TG
Internet TLD .tg
License plate RT
Telephone code +228
Time zone UTC ± 0
Geographic coordinates 8 00 N, 1 10 O

Benin’s two universities in Lomé and Kara are responsible for higher education and some vocational institutes on a par with troisième degré.

In 2009, 18% of the state budget went to education, which represented 5% of GDP. Reading and writing skills among the adult population (over 15 years) in 2006 were 57% (70% for men and 44% for women).

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