The Expansion in Latin America, Pepebank, Pepepay… What Have Been The Ideas of Pepephone?

Pepephone was born as a virtual ideas simple and logical, with the backing of the Globalia group. Soon became an important gap (nowadays round the half a million mobile lines) in a very competitive market and with the already established business in mobile telephony in Spain began exploring other possible business, of which up to now only been light Pepenergy, its marketer of electricity.

Along the way we’ve seen the intentions of Pepephone expand its business to Latin America or into new arenas, such as banking or insurance, but a long time ago that we know nothing of this. Now, thanks to an interview published in Movilonia, the new CEO of the company (Javier song) It was revealed in what stage each project is.

Pepephone owners change became effective last September. Másmovil sends now about Mark moles and the changes of time, have not noticed in the way of managing the company After Pedro Serrahima bye. In fact, Pepephone customers have received good news, after being extended the agreement with Movistar and improvements in mobile tariffs.

Made that part of work and integration in their new group launched, Pepephone seems that it will not face new challenges in the short term. For example, with respect to the arrival in Mexico or Colombia Canto ensures that they became signed pre-agreements with local network operators but that subject is now parked, given also the bureaucracy. The promise is that integrated fully into Másmovil once will return to this topic, but it will have to wait.

Pepebank and Pepepay can get ahead

Apart from mobile telephony, Pepephone had put in their point of view the creation of an online bank. Javier song recognizes that the creation of businesses that are not his original does not leave great margin but create value and one of those businesses would be Pepebank. Has not given more details of that future Bank online, as it has not given them of Pepepay, another business that would like to go tomore than a platform for payment LGO. Also, it seems that both ideas have ballots to succeed.

Tone sang at all times is quite conservative. Now few Pepephone employees are focused on adapting to their new owners structure and to recover the path of growth of mobile clients (soon will see data portability of December) and achieved once all this can get back to work on its expansion.