Telecommunications Giant Dropper Skype Fee-Raising Data Price Instead

Our site’s parent company, our site Sonera, will not charge a fee for IP-telephony services anyway. The consequence is more expensive subscriptions.

It wasn’t really supposed to Swedish Our siteSonera-parent company to our site of Denmark-would require additional money from customers to use Skype and similar services via the mobile network.

Now they are plans however, down in the grave, writes our site.

The explanation is, according to the company’s Communications Manager, Linda Timsäter, to ‘Skype-fee’ was too complicated to communicate to customers.

However, the money comes in on the second show. The consequence is for been that company’s data-subscriptions have risen in price.

-“It is simpler to let IP telephony be included in the subscription. We want it to be simple for customers, “says Linda Timsäter to ComputerSweden.

The price increase was supposed to be about up to 30 dollars per month, which supposedly would give our site Sonera an income of up to 200 million Swedish Crowns a year.