Study Restaurant Management Abroad

Study Restaurant Management Abroad

Running their own restaurant or café, standing at the stove and creating new dishes, entertaining guests – many people dream of working in gastronomy. In 2012, 1.9 million people were employed in the German hospitality industry.

The areas of work in this industry are diverse and the number is growing. Business-oriented jobs are growing in popularity, and professions such as restaurant managers are gaining an ever greater reputation in society.

Paths to gastronomy

The training paths are as varied as the fields of activity in the catering sector . In Germany, the majority of the professions mentioned can be learned in an apprenticeship. For the profession of gastronomy or restaurant manager, however, a degree is necessary.

Training as a restaurant specialist

According to MCAT-TEST-CENTERS, a three-year training course prepares you for the profession of restaurant specialist. The prerequisite is a secondary school leaving certificate;

During their training, the trainees learn, for example, how to decorate a guest room, organize service processes, serve food and drinks or organize events. Anyone interested in the profession of restaurant specialist should have organizational skills , a well-groomed appearance and good manners .

Training to become a specialist in system catering

The three-year training to become a specialist in system catering is commercially oriented . The trainees learn how to organize the purchasing of goods and the processes in the dining room and kitchen and how to adhere to the specified gastronomic concept. You plan the deployment of staff, carry out training courses and take care of payroll accounting.

The prerequisite is usually the secondary school leaving certificate or the Abitur. Applicants should be interested in the processes in the restaurant, but also in business contexts .

Studied restaurant and gastronomy manager

As a rule, a completed degree qualifies you for the profession of gastronomy or restaurant manager. The restaurant management course is not yet widespread in Germany. It is now possible to study hotel and restaurant management at some universities and vocational academies .

Course structure and requirements

Many study programs are dual study programs that combine training in the hotel or catering industry with a degree. The restaurant / gastronomy management course is primarily a business administration subject . The students attend seminars and lectures on classic business topics such as controlling, marketing or personnel management . In addition, there is subject-specific content, for example on the operational processes in a restaurant, on meal calculations or on dealing with guests.

A love of the catering business and commercial interests are a good starting point for your studies. Applicants need a high school diploma and often good foreign language skills . In the dual study programs, applicants also have to look for an apprenticeship position.

Occupational fields and areas of application

The graduates of the presented training courses and courses mainly work in the catering or hotel industry . The exact activities differ depending on the area of ​​application and occupation.

Restaurant professionals

Restaurant specialists take on all kinds of duties in service . They greet and serve the guests, serve the food or organize events. As a rule, trainees begin their careers as commis de ranks or commis de bar . This corresponds to a station or bartender . After that, they have the opportunity to develop in different directions:

  • Training to become a bartender or sommelier
  • Further training as a state-certified restaurateur at a hotel management school
  • Taking master classes

Restaurant masters often occupy management positions and take care of the trainees. Some restaurant professionals use their work experience to set up their own businesses.

Specialists for system catering

System catering specialists usually work in the branches of restaurant or café chains . The special challenge of their job is to provide the same range, the same food quality and the same service in every single branch. Specialists in system catering, for example, ensure that the work processes in the kitchen and dining room run flawlessly. You plan the deployment of staff, take care of marketing or accounting.

Due to the clear organizational structures and hierarchies in system catering companies, system catering specialists have a good chance of making a career. You have the option of becoming a restaurant manager or becoming a franchisee . Further training, for example to become a specialist in the hospitality industry, will help them on their career path.

Gastronomy and restaurant manager

In many cases, restaurant managers work in management positions right from the start. For example, you work as a manager of restaurants or franchise companies or in the hotel industry. Amusement parks or cruise ships are also possible employers.

Depending on the size of the business, restaurant and catering managers work in different work areas, for example

  • in marketing
  • in PR
  • in controlling
  • in human resources.

In smaller companies, graduates are often responsible for all areas of responsibility. After a few years, you often decide to open your own restaurant .

Why go abroad?

As can be seen, the career opportunities in the catering sector are wide-ranging. Experience abroad can be of great help on the way to your dream job.

In management and service, good foreign language skills and intercultural skills are a must these days. Short-term courses and advanced training abroad represent a unique opportunity to develop yourself professionally and at the same time to gain experience abroad. A stay abroad also helps to broaden your own horizons and offers the opportunity to make contacts with people from all over the world.

Study Restaurant Management

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