Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Italy has SO much to offer that you will be able to spend the rest of your life exploring the country. As an exchange student, you get a unique opportunity to become part of the exciting and beautiful country for almost a year.

Italy brings you art and culture treasures, incomparable landscapes, beautiful beaches, world-renowned designers, passionate people and absolutely world-class food. All of this you are surrounded by every day – and it will undoubtedly inspire you and make its mark on you and the way you think – about yourself, about Europe and about the world.

As an exchange student in Italy, you will quickly make new friends at school and through leisure activities. Many people go to sports, and there are plenty of opportunities to cultivate your creative and artistic sides with song, theater, dance or art painting.

Italians are known for being outgoing, so it’s not hard to get into the lives of them. Politics, football, food, opera and fashion are cheerfully discussed over a cup of cappuccino at the local cafĂ©, in the park or over a serving of homemade pasta at home at the dining table with your Italian family. Here you will definitely experience their inner glow and passion.

A stay in the magical boot country will give you a new – and passionate – way of seeing and experiencing the world!

  • LANGUAGE: Italian
  • CURRENCY: Euro (EUR)
  • AREA: 301,338 sq km
  • POPULATION: 60,674,003 (2015 estimate)

People and community

As an exchange student in Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia, you will probably end up living in a small town. It is very normal for several generations to be gathered under one roof. Meals are social events and when there are holidays and weekends the meals can take several hours. Conversations can get very passionate, and loud discussions with big gestures and expressive facial expressions are part of the Italian way of doing things.


Schooling in Italy

Students in Italy go to school from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 13:30. If you actively participate in school, it will be easier to make friends among your classmates.


Italian is the official language of Italy, but there are different types of dialects. To help you get started with Italian, you have the opportunity to take a Rosetta Stone course before going on an exchange. When you arrive in Italy, a tutor from your host school will follow your language progress. The local volunteers will also provide additional Italian language instruction for the first two or three months.


Food in Italy

Food is a source of pleasure and enjoyment for Italians who enjoy consuming food in the company of family and friends. You can prepare yourself for generous portions, strong coffee and small sweets. Fantastic bread and cheese as well as incomparable pizza and pasta bring together Italian cuisine, accompanied by seafood, meats and fresh vegetables. For dessert, there is a wide selection of traditional cakes. Among other things, you can taste the famous tiramisu , which is a rich dessert cake that means “pull me up”, and it makes you feel satisfied and filled up.

Study in Italy

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