Study Business Psychology Abroad

Study Business Psychology Abroad

The economy is an important aspect in people’s lives. And people are just as important a factor in the economy, be it as employees or as customers of a company. The business enterprise must be so to the people who work for them or buy their products, adjust . In doing so, they rely on the skills of business psychologists.

What is business psychology?

According to EHUACOM, the business psychology course combines elements from the fields of business and psychology . That is why business psychology is one of the interdisciplinary subjects. It essentially deals with how people experience economic areas and how they behave in them . This includes, for example, the following questions:

  • How can employees of a company be motivated in the best possible way?
  • What inspires us to buy products and why?
  • In which environment can we work optimally?

These and other questions give rise to the various focuses in the field of business psychology. This includes organizational or marketing or media psychology.

Business psychology as a subject

Business psychology can be the focus of a classic psychology degree. Increasingly, universities are also offering independent courses in business psychology that focus on this special area from the outset. The focus set can differ from university to university. Some focus more on business administration content , while other universities focus on psychology.

Bachelor’s degree in business psychology

The first semesters of a bachelor’s degree in business psychology are devoted to teaching the basics. The curriculum includes more general knowledge from the fields of psychology, business administration and economics . Even mathematics or statistics and law are part of a business psychological studies. In later semesters, the content is usually more specific. The students take courses in personnel and organizational psychology, market research, marketing and media psychology or diagnostics and evaluation. The courses of study at the universities can be structured differently. As a rule, students have the opportunity to specialize in areas of business psychology in the higher semesters. Organizational psychology or personnel management are available for selection.

Master’s degree in business psychology

With a bachelor’s degree in business psychology, you can start a professional activity or pursue a master’s degree . In the master’s business psychology, students deepen their knowledge from the bachelor’s degree . In addition, they usually have the opportunity to further specialize in sub-areas of the subject. The master’s degree is also a prerequisite for a further academic career including a doctorate.

Study opportunities for business psychology

In Germany, some public and private universities of applied sciences currently offer independent courses in business psychology. Only one of the German universities offers business psychology as a subject. However, it is often possible to specialize in business psychology as part of a conventional psychology degree at German universities. The studies at the UAS is practical usually considered at the University , where the acquiring theoretical knowledge plays a central role.

Requirements for studying business psychology

Prospective students need to study the psychology of economic high school , the college entrance . If you want to study business psychology, you should not only be interested in psychology, but also in economic contexts. Good English skills are also important. The technical literature is often written in English. In addition, the students need a good knowledge of mathematics.

Business psychology is subject to restricted admission at state colleges and universities . Since there are many applicants for the subject, the numerus clausus (NC) is sometimes very high. At some universities there are also other requirements, such as internships completed in advance or work experience.

There is no NC at private universities in Germany. They do, however, charge high tuition fees. Thus, studying business psychology here costs significantly more than at a state university or technical college.

Business psychology abroad

Business psychology is also offered at foreign universities. As in Germany, Industrial and Organizational Psychology can be completed as a specialization in the study of psychology or as an independent course. The universities offer a wide variety of courses in their degree programs that are specially tailored to the work of business psychologists . Here is a small selection of Bachelor and Master courses from universities in the USA , Australia and New Zealand :

  • motivation
  • Facilitation, Training and Evaluation in Organizations
  • Personnel Selection

As is customary in Germany, students can gain their first practical experience during their studies.

Specializations in certain areas of the subject are also possible in some cases. For example, those who do a Master of Arts in Psychology, Industrial and Organizational at Brooklyn College can specialize in human relations or organizational behavior .

Studying abroad – whether as a semester abroad or a full course – offers students the opportunity to get a different perspective on their field of study . After all, you are concerned with the economic psychological considerations in other countries. You can compare these with the concepts prevailing in Germany. In this way, differences and similarities can be identified : For example, do Americans feel addressed by the same advertising concepts as Germans? And how does the recruitment process for companies in New Zealand work? International students experience such things firsthand on site.

Studying business psychology abroad can broaden your horizons immensely. So it’s no wonder that some German universities recommend a stay abroad during your studies . In some cases, a stay abroad is even required during your studies.

Advantages of studying business psychology abroad

Not only gaining new perspectives is an advantage of studying business psychology abroad. A study visit abroad is recommended for other reasons:

  • Many large companies are positioned internationally. That is why experience abroad is an advantage for business psychologists.
  • Students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Abroad, students can develop and expand their intercultural skills . Since they often work directly or indirectly with people from different cultures , this helps them in their later professional life.
  • The stay abroad promotes the development of independence, the ability to assert oneself and flexibility and signals these qualities to potential employers.

Career opportunities for business psychologists

The job prospects for business psychologists are good , because their skills are in demand on the job market. Business psychology graduates can work in various fields in private companies and public organizations. For example, they work on campaigns in marketing or advertising agencies. You also work in the personnel department in companies. There they are responsible for the further training of employees, for example. Working as a personnel or management consultant is also common: business psychologists help with the selection of applicants or the design of jobs. The training of executives is also a task for graduates of business psychology. They also find jobs in market research and in the psychological services of state institutions. Furthermore, an academic career is also an option for good Masters degree graduates.

Study Business Psychology

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