State Route 59, 79 and 82 in Ohio

State Route 59, 79 and 82 in Ohio

Ohio State Route 59

Get started Akron
End Ravenna
Length 23 mi
Length 37 km
→ Cleveland / Canton

Vernon-Odom Boulevard

Euclid Avenue

Exchange Street

Downtown Akron

Cuyahoga Falls




According to a2zdirectory, State Route 59 or OH-59 is a state route and partial freeway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The road connects Akron to Ravenna and is a short freeway in Akron. State Route 59 is 37 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 59 begins in the city of Akron and is initially a western bypass of downtown. This section is spaciously designed but outdated and has 2×3 lanes and frontage roads. This part is also called the Innerbelt Freeway. On the north side of the center the highway ends after 4 kilometers.

State Route 59 then runs along State Route 8, a freeway from Akron to Cleveland. At Cuyahoga Falls, State Route 59 turns off and heads east almost continuously through built-up areas through Stow and Kent to the town of Ravenna.


The freeway in Akron was built after most of the highways in the region were completed. At the time, it was planned to extend the highway along the north side of the center to OH-8, this section first appeared on the Ohio state highway map in 1977 as a planned route, but was ultimately not built. It is unclear when the highway was opened, according to some sources it was opened in the 1970s, but the road has only been on the Ohio Department of Transportation’s state highway map since 1989. The highway joined I-76/I-77 in 1986 when new flyovers opened here.

In 2017, the northernmost mile of the highway at Downtown Akron was demolished. This section of the highway was oversized, with 2×3 lanes and frontage roads with only 12,800 vehicles per day.

Traffic intensities

In 2013, 26,800 vehicles daily entered the Innerbelt Freeway from I-76/77, dropping to 19,200 vehicles at the midway point and 12,800 vehicles near the center.

Ohio State Route 79

Get started Buckeye Lake
End Nellie
Length 46 mi
Length 73 km
Buckeye Lake




Grant Street

Main Street


State Route 79 or OH-79 is a state route in the U.S. state of Ohio. The road forms a north-south route in the east of the state, from Buckeye Lake through Newark to Nellie. OH-79 is 73 kilometers long, of which 2 kilometers is a freeway in Newark.

Travel directions

OH-79 begins west of Buckeye Lake on OH-37. The road heads east along the lake for a short while, then curves north to join Interstate 70. Along Hebron is a bypass that has 2×2 lanes for a short time and has one grade-separated intersection. It is then a five-lane road with center turn lane through built-up areas between Hebron and Newark.

Newark is the largest city on the route, and OH-79 forms a 2×2 lane freeway for over 2 kilometers through the west of the city. The highway is partly sunken, after which the highway ends with a half stack at OH-16. OH-16 and OH-79 are then double-numbered for 3 kilometers along downtown Newark, this part is also a freeway, but primarily a part of OH-16.

After Newark, OH-79 heads northeast through a more sparsely populated area with lots of forest and hills. The road continues for almost 50 kilometers without visiting any significant villages. OH-79 ends at US 36 at the village of Nellie.


OH-79 was created in 1924 and ran from Lancaster via Newark to a hamlet called Newcastle, just west of its current terminus at Nellie. As early as 1926, the terminus was Nellie. In 1932, the section between Lancaster and Newark was significantly shortened to US 40 at Hebron, but was extended again in 1933 around Buckeye Lake.

It is unknown when the short freeway on the west side of Newark was built, but the Ohio Department of Transportation’s state highway map does not show it for the first time until 1987. A short bypass with 2×2 lanes has been constructed near Hebron, which was probably only opened around 2002.

Ohio State Route 82

Get started Elyria
End Masury
Length 89 mi
Length 143 km


North Royalton

Broadview Heights







Warren Outer Belt

Market Street

Parkman Road

Mahoning Avenue

Larchmont Avenue

Elm Road

Market Street

Niles Cortland Road


State Route 82 or OH-82 is a state route and partial freeway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The road forms an east-west route from Elyria through Warren to Masury on the Pennsylvania border. The road runs through the southern Cleveland suburbs, but the easternmost part from Warren to the Pennsylvania border is the most important. The road is 143 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 82 begins just outside Elyria and continues east through the outer reaches of the Cleveland region. Parts of the route pass through suburbs but the road is of little importance, it is an underlying link. A fairly large portion parallels the Ohio Turnpike (I-80). The most important part is the Warren Outer Belt, a 22 kilometer stretch of freeway around the town of Warren. The route here is partly double -numbered with State Route 5. The highway section ends at State Route 11 east of Warren, but beyond that, State Route 82 is a divided highway that is mostly, but not completely, grade-separated to Masury on the Pennsylvania border.


In 1931, the landmark Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge over the Cuyahoga River opened to traffic. This is a large concrete arch bridge with a raised deck. The bridge is 44 meters high.

The 2×2 divided highway between Warren and the Pennsylvania border was opened in 1958-1959. This was a completely new route, south of the former road. The Warren Bypass opened in 1970-1971 and has had freeway status since 1976.

Ohio State Route 82

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