Solomon Islands Education

Solomon Islands Education

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In 1984, a coalition of parties elected Kenilorea to president. He improved relations with the United States and in 1986 handed over power to Ezekiel Alebua, who continued the political line of his predecessor.

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In 1989, Mamaloni regained the parliamentary majority and was re-elected prime minister. In 1991, the country rejected a proposal by a North American company to land industrial waste on the islands. The environmental organization Greenpeace found that 20 similar proposals have been made in recent years.

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In 1992, the Mamaloni government faced a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate irregularities in the sale of the National Fisheries Development Company to a Canadian company. Although no direct share of the government’s irregularities could be found, it nevertheless lost its reputation. At the same time, the government’s development plan resulted in the establishment of 21 agricultural training centers to contribute to the modernization of agriculture, and at the same time a number of steps were taken to stimulate tourism.

Foreign relations continued to deteriorate relations with Papua New Guinea, due to the struggle for independence on the island of Bougainville. Thus, in September 1992, two Solomon citizens died in an armed clash in Bougainville. Despite several attempts to reduce tensions, Papua troops carried out new attacks in April 1993 on Solomon’s territory.

In June 1994, Francis Billy Hilly was elected new Prime Minister, but as early as October 31 he had to leave the post again after a vote of no confidence in Parliament. A week later, Mamaloni was appointed prime minister. The new prime minister did not have the same attitude towards environmental protection. In 1995 he ordered all the trees on the island of Pavuvu to be felled and the residents forced to move to other islands. Acc. Billy Hilly, the timber industry is a source of government corruption.

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