Smrdaky and Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia

Smrdaky and Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia


The health resort Smrdaky in Slovakia is located at an altitude of 240 m, 90 km from Bratislava. Without exaggeration, this is one of the best places in the world for the treatment of skin diseases, including intractable ones. The local air and water have a high content of hydrogen sulfide, which in itself has a beneficial effect on the skin, and in combination with procedures – baths and sulfuric mud wraps – gives a quick and long-term effect.

There are no special entertainments in Smrdaky, but on the territory of the resort there is a very beautiful park with an area of ​​16 hectares.

Smrdaki Hotels

According to simplyyellowpages, there are ten sanatorium-type hotels waiting for guests in Smrdaky. Near Vietoris there is a modern sports center, and the Resort House is famous for its tennis courts.

Treatment in Smrdaki

The main specialization is the treatment of skin and muscle diseases: psoriasis and eczema, local dermatitis, acne and arthritic psoriasis. Procedures: hydrogen sulfide mineral and mud baths, phototherapy, hydrotherapy (hydroturbulent tea baths, whirlpool baths, underwater massage, Charcot shower), electrotherapy, manual and reflex massage, rehabilitation exercises.

Contraindications: bronchial asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy during lactation, severe cardiovascular and infectious diseases, acute thrombophlebitis, labile diabetes.

Entertainment and attractions

The resort has good conditions for practicing active sports: there is a tennis court, a volleyball court, bicycle rental, a gym.

Tatranska Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica is located in the eastern part of the High Tatras (18 km from the Poprad airport) and is the starting point of many tourist routes. The highest of the local mountains is Lomnicky Shtit (2632 m), the second highest in Slovakia. In winter, Tatranska Lomnica has all the conditions for practicing winter sports: there are ski slopes of varying difficulty, an ice rink, trails for flat skiing and sleigh rides.

The main ski center of the resort is the small village of Skalnate Pleso (1750 m) at the foot of Lomnicky Shtit. It can be reached by cable car from the Grand Hotel Praha or by cable car from the Morava Hotel. The skiing season here lasts from December to April.

The local ski school Ternav-ski, which is considered one of the best in Slovakia, has Russian-speaking instructors. The resort also has a children’s ski school.

There is an opinion that this resort could become one of the best in Slovakia – if there was more snow here.

How to get to Tatranska Lomnica

Flight to Poprad, then transfer 20 minutes.

Trails in Tatranska Lomnica

The resort is divided into two ski areas: Skalnate Pleso (Skalnate Pleso) – for trained skiers and Jamy (Jamy) – for beginners.

In Lomnicki Sedlo, on a wide rugged slope, there are excellent “black” tracks for downhill and giant slalom. The width of the slope is 300-500 m, and its length reaches 2000 m. There is usually first-class snow here and skiing is guaranteed until the beginning of May. A little above the frozen lake Skalnate Pleso there are short slopes that can be recommended to less experienced and beginner skiers.

From Skalnate Pleso there is a descent of medium difficulty. The track is 3300 m long with a vertical drop of 730 m and ends at the intermediate station of the cable car Start. From this station down towards the village of Tatranska Lomnica there is a descent 2600 m long with a drop of 270 m.

The Yami Ski Center is equipped with two drag lifts. The trails here are marked in blue and red and are designed for both beginners and experienced athletes. They are serviced by snow cannons and are lit from 18:00 to 21:00.

There are trails for snowboarding and tobogganing. For fans of sledding, below the Start station there is a toboggan track, which used to be a bobsleigh track.

Entertainment and attractions Tatranska Lomnica

Museum of the Tatra National Park, Ždiar – a reserve of wooden architecture (15 km from Tatranska Lomnica), the Belianska karst cave, one of the most beautiful in Slovakia, the “Haunted Castle” in Bojnice, the Spissky medieval castle.

Swimming pools, saunas, gyms, skating rink, tennis center, cinema, cultural center, department stores, restaurants, cafes, discos and night bars, national restaurants.

Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia

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