Semester Abroad in Argentina

Semester Abroad in Argentina

Reasons for a semester abroad in Argentina

Studying at a high level

The country’s education system enjoys a very good international reputation. Higher education traditionally has a special place in the South American country featured by agooddir. Many universities and courses are known for their high level. The private universities in particular stand for very good teaching and an excellent supervisory relationship.

Semester programs for international students

Some Argentine universities offer special academic semester programs for international students. These make it possible for one semester to take courses at bachelor ‘s level, and sometimes also at master’s level. The programs also bring the following advantages for students from abroad:

  • Access to regular courses of study at the respective university
  • Wide range of courses from business administration and economics to political science and sociology to architecture and graphic design
  • In addition to Spanish-language courses, there are also increasingly English-language events at private universities.

In most cases, the study achievements and credit points acquired during a semester abroad in Argentina can be credited towards studying in Germany. In order to avoid problems when returning, it is advisable to consult the responsible examination office at your home university in advance.

The course takes place either in joint courses with local students or – as in the case of the semester programs of cultural students – in predominantly international groups. In this environment it is easy to make friends all over the world during the semester abroad in Argentina.

Since many Porteños have European ancestors, they often show a great deal of interest in their European fellow students. As a result, international students also have the opportunity to apply their Spanish skills in their private lives.

Requirements for a semester abroad in Argentina

Get to know the country and people in Argentina and discover the fascinating nature – these are just two reasons that speak for a semester abroad in the land of the gauchos. But a semester or two in Argentina has other advantages.

For participation in a semester program in Argentina, the (technical) high school diploma is usually sufficient. In some cases it is also necessary that the participants have already successfully completed one or two semesters at a German university.

Knowledge of Spanish is not necessarily a basic requirement for a semester in Argentina, even if a basic knowledge of Spanish makes everyday life easier. However, many students choose to spend a semester in Argentina precisely because they hope to improve their Spanish in this way. At many universities, international students therefore have the opportunity to take a Spanish course parallel to the regular specialist courses.

If, as part of the semester abroad, mostly specialist courses in Spanish are taken, proof of sufficient knowledge of Spanish is usually required, for example by means of a DELE language certificate. Students who intend to attend English-language courses usually also have to provide evidence of their English language skills.

Semester abroad Argentina: Financing

A semester abroad in Argentina can be a costly affair. Private universities in particular are financed through tuition fees. The costs for one semester in Argentina are between EUR 4,500-6,000, depending on the program. Accommodation is often included in the price, so the costs are moderate compared to a semester abroad in other countries.

The cost of living is also usually lower than in Germany with a guide value of between EUR 250-500 per month.

Financing options for a semester in Argentina

Regardless of how high the costs for a semester in Argentina are: Funding must be secured. There are various forms of international funding for students from Germany:

  • Foreign BAföG: This includes a subsidy for the tuition fees of up to EUR 4,600 as well as additional subsidies for flight and living costs.
  • Education loan from the federal government
  • Performance-based funding in the form of scholarships, for example from the DAAD or various foundations.

Good to know: Auslands-BAföG is also awarded to students who are not eligible for BAföG for their studies in Germany due to their financial situation. For this reason, it is recommended to inquire about this form of funding at the BAföG office in Bremen responsible for Argentina.

Visa and entry requirements for Argentina

German students staying more than 90 days in Argentina as part of a semester abroad, have the option of a before departure student visa to apply for. This can be done at the Argentine embassy or consulate in Germany.

Alternatively there is the option as a tourist to Argentina to enter. Within the first 30 days, students have to apply for a residence permit for study purposes at the responsible Argentine immigration authority (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones).

Documents for the visa application

In addition to the visa application forms, there are a number of documents that must be presented for the visa application. These include

  • a passport that is valid for at least three months after the planned stay in Argentina
  • confirmation of admission from an Argentine university
  • a health certificate
  • a certificate of good conduct
  • an international birth certificate
  • two passport photos.

Students who first apply for a visa in Argentina are also required to provide evidence of their participation in the exchange program. In addition, a form application signed by the Ministerio de Educación is required.

Semester Abroad in Argentina

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