SDSU Review

SDSU Review


After completing my main studies in my business administration master’s degree, I went to SDSU or San Diego State University as detailed on ehuacom. The first question that arose for me was which courses I should take (and also be offered) at the SDSU in order to complete my studies in Germany. The SDSU internet portal, which includes all courses, provides an initial overview of the wide range of offers at the SDSU. Just go to the SDSU web portal and you can take a look around. However, that only works to a limited extent with the planning of the courses. Because as soon as you are in San Diego, the courses crash, which is really annoying. You then have to go to every course and beg for one of the few places. Crashing the whole course then takes three weeks and is really nerve-wracking, because in some courses you really do material, because you then partially missed it. When you have your courses, you should make sure that you do your homework on a regular basis, as the professors rely very much on cooperation. If you attend classes regularly and do all the tasks satisfactorily, you get very good grades. To sum up, I would describe the Ami Uni something like this: Level significantly lower than in Germany, but presence and cooperation are much more important. In addition, the grade depends heavily on the professor. I can therefore recommend the website www. ratemyprofessor. com: It is a rough guide, but it is sometimes really very subjective. So don’t let that stop you, so if you are really interested in a course, just do what you want.

Since I am in the Masters semester in Germany, I have only chosen Master’s courses and can recommend this to everyone. The level is adapted to the German university level and is also much more interesting! Some of the Americans are already at work and are also taking a graduate course. This gives you a good insight into the American settings. It is also important that you learn to reject your negative attitude towards counseling centers. The ALI but also other people can not only really help you (just ask if you need help, e. g. on campus, etc. ), unlike in Germany they are also happy to help. Americans are generally very friendly and helpful!

The best way to get an apartment is by checking out Craigslist. com. Here you have an update every few minutes about new apartments across San Diego. I also found my great apartment right on the beach. By the way, whether you prefer to live in Pacific Beach or directly at the university is a matter of taste. I really enjoyed my time in Pacific Beach and on the beach. Really recommendable. However, you need a car in Pacific Beach to get to the university (since public transport is very little used in the USA). I rented a car from Dirty Cheap Car Rental. I have had very good experiences with it. You can get used cars, but at a rather affordable price. In addition, the service is 1A. If something is wrong with the car, a phone call is enough and you will be helped immediately. Incidentally, two car washes per month are free.

Trips and Travel:

Of course, if you’re already in SoCal, then – if your budget allows – you definitely have to go on trips. We recommend San Francisco (1 hour flight), Las Vegas, Highway Number 1 or of course Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I didn’t do Mexico because it is apparently very dangerous, especially Tijuana.

Living and going out:

Life in San Diego is very comfortable. The way of life is rather relaxed and above all the beach life (for example with the great offers from the Mission Aquatic Center with sailing and surfing) is simply gigantic. As a foreign student you have many bars (especially in Pacific Beach) and clubs (especially in downtown) to go out. However, the bars and clubs are only from 21 and this is strictly adhered to (which is sometimes very pleasant). In addition, the shops all close at 1:30 a. m. Without exception.


In summary, I can only advise and expressly recommend this semester abroad to everyone. Every stay is different and what you do with your time in San Diego depends largely on you – I especially advise against making contact with other Germans (which is extremely difficult, however, with the mass of German students. Sometimes I had the feeling that the whole of San Diego is full of Germans. Just amazing).

SDSU Review

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