San Diego State University Student Review

San Diego State University Student Review

Many testimonials are general and read like stories. They are certainly more timeless than this one. I would like to give a specific one that addresses many of the questions I asked myself at the beginning.

  1. Course choice: Was it really that difficult?
    Often it seems hopeless to get into a course at the beginning, but the time to crash seems to me more than enough.
  2. Sports courses: Highly recommended, especially the water sports on offer, the trainers are very experienced and good.
  3. Looking for an apartment: You should expect $ 600-800 a month, if you live in a shared apartment, look closely with whom you may be allowed to pay for someone if they are insolvent.
  4. Car: Definitely recommendable, even if you live near the university. You can use the VIN (vehicle identification number) to check whether the car has had an accident, and a mechanic’s check is often helpful too.
  5. Furniture: is available at a reasonable price via graigslist, but you can also rent it monthly …
  6. Cell phone: I would recommend a T-mobile cell phone and a $ 100 card. With the 1150 free minutes I came over the whole time … alternatively there is an offer from Cingular, where you pay a dollar per day (if you use it) and can then make free calls within Cingular. Experience has shown that this is more expensive … cheap tickets are available from “Target”.
  7. Account: If I had at Bank of America, apart from the fact that the store is pretty chaotic, it opens in no time and you quickly have a local credit card.
  8. Supermarkets: Very important, if you buy everything from a supermarket, you may pay twice as much as necessary. There are big differences in price and even the cheap ones are expensive or you can’t get everything.
    99 Cent Store: Very cheap, you should buy what you get there, except for fruit and vegetables, they are of poor quality.
    Food for Less: Relatively inexpensive shop
    Henrys Farmers Market (Garnet Ave / Mission Beach): Very inexpensive vegetables, high-quality goods, inexpensive seafood.
    Traders Joe: Right across the street. Belongs to Aldi, but is more of a specialty shop here, priced but not overpriced, definitely worth a visit.
    VON: Expensive brand supermarket … here I usually just buy a fresh baguette … or small purchases. (It is recommended that VONs Card is available at every cash desk).
  9. Hotel: If you’re ever out and about: The best hotel, unanimously chosen by me and my girlfriend: Quality Inn (green sign) … usually costs around $ 90 a double room, but everyone gets a super comfortable double bed with four pillows … it is very clean … everything shows quality.
  10. Driver’s license: If you don’t need to get one, it’s not particularly expensive ($ 30) and in my opinion it’s worth it for several reasons:
    a) It’s just a good experience
    b) If you show it, you won’t get an ID card more so strange, and it is much more practical than carrying around your passport
    c) You are also legally on the safe side, for example during a police check

So that’s it for now, if I can think of something … you can certainly edit here?

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