Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos in the Test: Cheap 5-inch Android with Dual SIM

Test conclusion: what you should know

Samsung’s J-series is cheap and is reminiscent of older Galaxy S models. The simple, robust plastic housing allows the change of the battery. The 5-inch display is sharp enough, high-contrast and bright. The memory is however tiny, the camera is moderately. Best price on the Internet: 134,89 euro * this product at Amazon order robust housing removable battery great display Pro dual SIM contra little space satisfying moderate camera performance test note of the editorial 2.72 users rating (out of 2 reviews) the bare facts: 5-inch display, schnodes plastic casing and a somewhat stuffy Android 5.1 you could the Galaxy J3 (2016) Duo with a shrug simply as another mid-range Smartphone dismiss. But far from it: Because the J3 (2016) is several reasons something special. Why this is so and whether the cheap J3 (2016) is a price tip, the test shows.

Finally a cheap Galaxy with dual SIM

With a price that fell shortly after the market start at 150 euros (stand: may 2016), Samsung enters for the first time in the beginner and low price segment now, even an another cheap Galaxy has been announced with the Galaxy J1. Another innovation: the duo version of the J3 (2016) is the first dual-SIM Smartphone, which also officially sold Samsung in Germany.

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Housing and processing

Design feels reminded immediately of old times. As once the Galaxy S3 or S4, also the Galaxy J3 (2016) is embedded in a filthy, quite passable built-up plastic housing. The back is only minimally roughened, looks rather cheap. Advantage of stale design: the cover can be removed, just replace the battery. With 10 hours and 28 minutes reached the J3 a passable battery life, with intensive use thanks to the frugal hardware after all, lasts through as the Galaxy S7.

Galaxy J3 (2016) duos: first impressions

To the image gallery Galaxy J3-display in the test: with Super-AMOLED
the J3 (2016) offers a display in the popular 5-inch class. Large enough to make videos, games or Internet fun. While it is still not unwieldy. The screen quality is decent for the price range: the screen is about as bright as the iphone 5 S (546 candela/m2) and uses the Super AMOLED technology standard previously only in the Galaxy S class for extremely counterproductive strong colors. For a crisp-sharp full-HD display, it was not enough, but the simple HD resolution (1280 x 720) is usually sufficient in everyday life.

Video on the subject

Take a Samsung Galaxy S4, the dual-SIM capability, and a small price: the Samsung Galaxy J3 is finished. A good mix? The test! Samsung Galaxy J3 duos: Android Galaxy S4 DNA in the test

Speed and memory

Convince for the price range, although the memory with 1 gigabyte (GB) is slightly less than speed and control. A weak point is the storage facilities. Ex works internally just 4.83 gigabytes (from nominally 8 GB) are free, apps can be moved only in a roundabout way on an optional memory card who uses many apps or via whatsapp often photos and videos loads, gets quickly at borders. After all: In the test a large 200 gigabytes large microsdxc card worked. Android is in the somewhat older version 5.1.1 installed.

Mobile and Internet

A highlight of the J3 (2016) Duo is the dual SIM capability. Good: Even if you insert two SIM cards, yet another slot for the microsd memory card (strongly recommended) is free. For fast Internet access on the go is LTE is built, that spark on all frequencies common in Germany. Fast ac Wi-Fi but is missing as well as the disorder poorer 5-ghz wireless frequency, is the connection to the n standard thanks to multiple MIMO antennas well.

Biplane: smart phones with two SIM-cards

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So the camera in the test reflected

The 8-megapixel camera is good for candids, received almost entirely in daylight only a sufficient and denied at little light. The 5-megapixel front-facing camera, however, resulted in the test quite passable, satisfactory reached the note.

Conclusion: Galaxy J3 (2016) duos

Who may forgo fancy metal, gets duos with the current Galaxy J3 (year: 2016) a decent entry-level Smartphone with sufficiently fast LTE, fairly good display and removable battery. The small store and the moderate camera are the biggest weak point. The biggest selling point is the dual SIM function.