Rio Olympic Looks: Check out Bundchen and Other Famous

The event may have come to an end, but not over the inspirations of the looks of the Olimpíadas Rio 2016 used by the famous. The social network Instagram was the choice of women to register the visual choice, but the paparazzi also gave a little help in the disclosure, and we women’s Site, we have selected some looks to inspire upcoming productions. Track:

Highlights-Looks from the Olympics

How not to start by visual who caught the eyes of the world? Gisele Bündchen paraded at the opening ceremony of the games with a sexy and elegant dress, whose brilliance sparkled in different colors to each illumination. The crack in the leg and cleavage helped enhance the beauty of the model, the beauty of the brazilian woman.

Look model Gisele Bündchen day featured a thin fabric dress, sandals flats and a jeans jacket that brought an urban twist to the production.

Already the choice for the night was widely regarded for the boho style, with printed jumpsuit and sandals flats.

Adriana Lima model already adopted visual tropical, with a short red dress and a hair stuck, giving more visibility to the neck area. Look pretty well for carioca’s famous heat days.

Meanwhile, Alessandra Ambrosio has chosen pantacourt and cropped, both printed with black and white stripes. In addition to jump suede and black bag.

Alessandra Ambrosio in a picture at night, uses short jeans and t-shirt theme, showing that simplicity can be the life of the production.

The actress Paola Oliveira in a look of predominance of green and yellow colors, quite appropriate for the event. Highlighting the earrings that have graced the production in harmony with the choice of hairstyle.

The actress Marina Ruy Barbosa also using the theme colors of the country, without losing the clean tone brought by set of pants and white suit.

Cléo Pires has applied a lot of attitude in the look night, with a predominance of black and leather.

Thaila Ayala with a super modern jeans, giving focus to the belt that graced the black race basiquinha.

Bruna Majmudar opted for a dark pants to give more prominence to the shirt and jacket Adidas, where Blue predominated by tropical print adorned.

Actress Elizabeth Banks paced with a comfortable production: shoes, shirt and skirt larguinha. In addition to Hat and boho style sunglasses to help protect against the intense sun.

The model Camila Alves chose a dress of light and floral fabric, plus shoe open and flowing hair.

Featured more than special for singer/actress Mariene de Castro who attended the closing ceremony of singing as the Olympic torch was wiped out by rain. The diva wore a shiny Golden dress long sleeves, neckline and embroidered heart on the skirt.

And there, enjoyed the inspirations for the looks of the Olympics? Tell here in the comments what was your favorite style.