Purism Librem: Tablet with a Focus on Security and Privacy

The purism Librem 11 offers a 11-inch touch screen, an SSD with 256 gigabytes and 8 gigabytes of memory. The Intel processor powers it core M-5y10c, hard drive and memory can be upgraded if necessary. It also offers a GPS module and the ability to go mobile Internet SIM card. The smaller Librem 10 comes with a 10 inch display, an Intel Atom CPU and 64 gigabytes of storage. The memory is 4 gigabytes. Both tablets come with a keyboard dock, which on a monitor can be connected, and as a desktop suitable are.
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Pure OS with a focus on privacy

Highlight the developers of purism, that the pre-installed Linux distribution pure OS 3.0 is designed to protect the privacy of users. So, for example, programs without any input of personal data can be installed also can disable elements such as the camera, the built-in microphone or the Wi-Fi module via a hardware switch. Pureos is a derivative of Debian Linux, all software components are available on the Libre tablets under the open source license. The developers emphasize that the buyer can install any other Linux distribution on the Librem tablets.

Apps for the protection of privacy

Mobile phone software for data protection

Only Crowdfunding, free sale

The purism Libre 11 and the Libre 10 to come in September or October 2016 on the market. Currently, purism offers the two tablets in the form of a Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Under which interested parties can purchase the smaller Tablet for $ 599, the bigger version starts depending on the hardware configuration from $ 999. The tablets at a higher price in free sale should go after the end of the campaign on two months. According to purism, producing the Libre tablets is not bound by the success of the Indiegogo campaign.