Oregon Overview

Oregon Overview

According to directoryaah, the sunny and beautiful state of Oregon is located on the coast of the Pacific, so that when the weather is nice you have the opportunity to go swimming or do water sports.
You can find numerous forests in Oregon and you can spend a lot of time here in nature and in the fresh air.

The Crater Lake National Park with the lake lying in a crater is one of the very special sights of Oregon that should not be missed.

There are also many different National Monuments to see in Oregon, which are also very interesting and can be destinations for day trips.

The largest city in Oregon is Portland, but Salem is also worth a visit. The city of Salem looks back on a very extensive and long history, which you can follow on site in various museums with different focuses.

The fact that you can be out of town in the middle of a forest in minutes is very convenient in Oregon. You can find a lot of new impressions and experiences in Oregon that make a trip an impressive experience. Oregon is one of the most scenic states in the USA.

Oregon key dates

Land area: 255,026 sq km (9th place of all US states)

Share of water surface: 2.4%

Population: 3.79 million people (2008 estimate, ranked 27th of all states in the USA)

Population density: 14.9 residents per square kilometer (39th place of all states in the USA)

Member of the USA since: February 14, 1859 (as the 33rd state of the USA)

Capital city: Salem (154,510 residents, 2008, metropolitan area 378,570 residents)

Largest city: Portland (575,930 residents, 2008, metropolitan area 2.16 million residents)

Highest point: 3,425 m, Mount Hood

Lowest point: 0 m, Pacific Ocean

Governor: Ted Kulongoski (Democrat)

Local time: CET -9 h. From the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November: CET -8 h.
The time difference to Central Europe is -9 h in both winter and summer.

Postal abbreviation: OR

Oregon geography and map

Oregon belongs to the region of the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America and is nicknamed Beaver State (Beaver State). The capital is Salem. The largest city is Portland.

With an area of ​​255,026 square kilometers, Oregon is the ninth largest state in the United States. Its territory is an average of 1,005 meters above sea level. The highest point is Mount Hood, 3,425 meters high. The lowest point is at sea level on the Pacific coast.

Oregon borders Washington to the north. A large part of this boundary is the course of the Columbia River, which is 1,953 kilometers long. To the east is Idaho. Part of this boundary is marked by the Snake River, the length of which is 1,674. Southern neighbors are Nevada and California. Oregon meets the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The rain-rich west of Oregon is defined by two mountain ranges running in a north-south direction: the coastal range and the cascade range. The Coast Mountains are one of a series of mountain ranges that run along the North American Pacific coast and from Mexico to Alaskaare sufficient. There are still many active volcanoes in the northern part of these mountain ranges.
The cascade chain runs parallel to this. The up to 4,400 meter high mountain range is also of volcanic origin and runs from southern British Columbia via Washington and Oregon to northern California.
In Oregon, the two mountain ranges enclose the extremely fertile Willamette Valley. The valley surrounds the 386-kilometer-long river that gives it its name and is one of the most fertile agricultural landscapes in the world. The most important crops are berries and vegetables. It has been a large wine-growing region since the 20th century. To the north, the Willamette Valley extends to the Columbia River. In the south it is bounded by the Calapooya Mountains, a small mountain range.

The east of Oregon is home to rather arid stretches of land. The Blue Mountains stretch to the northeast. The mountain range covers an area of ​​around 10,500 square kilometers. The highest mountain is the 2,739 meter high Strawberry Mountain, followed by Mount Ireland with a height of 2,522 meters.

Oregon Landmarks

Compared to the other states of America, Oregon has few attractions to offer its visitors, but the American state is still worth a visit.

Worth seeing in Oregon is The Grotto. The Grotto is a pilgrimage site in eastern Portland. The place was established in 1924. In the park you can see some religious statues and sculptures.

The Power Nuclear Power Station is a nuclear power station where visitors can learn about nuclear energy.

There are also some natural beauties in Oregon. Crater Lake National Park is definitely not to be missed. The park has an area of ​​over 650 square kilometers. In Crater Lake National Park there is an inactive volcano over two hundred meters high, Mount Mazama.

The Forste Park of Tualat in Mountains is particularly suitable for hikers, as there are some excellent hiking trails here.

Tryon Creek Park in Portland is also not to be missed.

Oregon Overview

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