New York Attractions and Tourist

New York Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in New York

We dare claim that no other city has as much to offer as New York City in terms of attractions and sights. Absolutely everyone finds something in New York that interests, triggers, scares, influences, inspires and delights. We’ve compiled a (small) list of attraction zones and sights that we think you should take with you on the Big Apple vacation trip in the United States!

New York Attractions

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Empire State Building
New York’s most famous skyscraper with views on the 86th floor and 102nd floor. Calculate long queues and expensive entrance fees, but the view is worth it. The Empire State Building is from 1931 is in Art Deco style. The skyscraper is located at 350 5th Avenue at 34th Street.

Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center is the largest privately owned complex in the world and consists of nearly 20 buildings. The first 14 buildings were made in elegant Art Deco style, but this was later abandoned. Inside the Rockefeller Center you will find NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall. Outside stands the Atlas statue and 14 other sculptures by renowned artist Lee Lawrie. The address is between 5th and 6th Avenue and 48th and 51st Street.

The Statue of
Liberty The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the largest landmark and symbol of New York? [See image first in article] The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people on the occasion of the centenary in 1876. The statue is 93 meters high and weighs 225 tons. You get to the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island by taking a ferry from Castle Clinton in Battery Park, right in the middle of Manhattan.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum
Ellis Island was the gateway for nearly 20 million immigrants to the United States. If you arrived in the United States of poorer than 2nd grade, you were transported to Ellis Island for medical and legal examination. The museum is trying to recreate history as it was for the immigrants. To get to Ellis Island, take a ferry from Castle Clinton in Battery Park, right at the bottom of Manhattan.

Central Park
This green oasis covers 3400 acres in New York and has a 19th century castle, memorial area of ​​John Lennon, zoo, horse-drawn cabins, outdoor cafes and much more. Central Park also offers a great crowd, both joggers, street musicians and people who like to show off. Central Park is at 5th Avenue and 110th Street.

Metropolitan Museum
A world metropolis like New York, of course, has world-class museums. The Metropolitan Museum or just “The Met” is one. Here you will find 5000 years of art and culture. You will see European painter masterpieces in addition to Egyptian art, Asian art and much more. Here also hangs “Vampire” by Edvard Munch. The address is 1000 5th Avenue at 82nd Street. Expect close to NOK 100 in entry money per person.

American Museum of Natural History
The best museum for children of all ages. Here you will find dinosaurs, mammoths and sharks as well as exhibits about space and fossil collections. Enormously large and exciting. The American Museum of Natural History is located just off Central Park, between 77th and 81st Street at Central Park West.

Tourist in New York

Usually we encourage everyone to start the day with a good breakfast at the hotel before embarking on a long and eventful exploration journey in the big city. But in New York City you have to stay very well (and expensive) before a hotel breakfast can be recommended. Normally, hotel breakfasts offer little value for money.


Day 1 in New York City

Then it is better to start the day by heading towards Times Square. Have breakfast at one of the many coffee shops on the road, or walk 6th Avenue until you see the Rockefeller Center. This is the largest privately owned building complex in the world. Go into the building and have breakfast in the basement or in the outdoor cafe facing 5th Avenue. Are you visiting New York in winter, there is no outdoor cafe here, but an ice rink! From Rockefeller continue on up 5th Avenue. You will soon see the magnificent Cathedral of St. Patrick. This is the largest Catholic cathedral in the United States. The towers are approx. 100 meters high. Notice the beautiful window paintings inside the church. On the opposite side of the entrance to St. Patrick (look across the street) you will see the more than 6,000 kilograms of heavy Atlas statue created by Lee Lawrie.

5th Avenue is full of fashion boutiques and is a shopping savvy mecca. We recommend strolling this street all the way to Central Park. You will pass the Trump Tower and – for the electro-savvy – Apple Megastore at Place Military, not far from Central Park. Central Park itself [See image first in article] is a city within the city and offers more than 3000 acres of recreation in green surroundings. Here there are sights and attractions for visitors of all ages. In the summer there are outdoor concerts, in the winter ice skating rinks, and all year round you can rent a horse, carriage and a coach for a sightseeing tour. Central Park has a zoo with three temperature zones, many street musicians and artists and a perpetual stream of joggers and roller skates. Let’s also mention Strawberry Field, a memorial area created by Yoko Ono in honor of John Lennon. Lennon lived in the Dakota Building across from Central Park, West End.

If it rains during your visit, it might be a good fit for a museum visit, such as “The Met” on the east side of Central Park. The Met, or The Metropolitan Museum, offers world-class art, including the painting “Vampire” by Edvard Munch. Alternatively, visit the American Museum of Natural History on the west side, more specifically between 77th and 81th Street. This museum offers an amazing dinosaur collection, stuffed animals, reptiles and much more. Another museum in the absolute top of the world. And you can have good lunch in both places.

As the afternoon approaches, take a cab down to 34th Street and 5th Avenue. Here lies the Empire State Building, the building that has been immortalized by the giant gorilla King Kong. Buy ticket to the vantage point for a great view of New York. If you still have the energy, the huge Macy’s department store is just off the Empire State Building. Macy’s is incredibly popular with New Yorkers, not least because Macy’s sponsors several of New York’s parades.

End the evening around Time Square, whether it’s a Broadway show, a stand up show or at one of the many pubs, bars or clubs. There are plenty of restaurants here, but if you want a tip, try the cozy and intimate French restaurant Bonne Soupe at 55th Street and 5th Avenue. But don’t eat too late. You are in the United States and not in Southern Europe, and you should be at the dinner table before noon. 2100.

Day 2 in New York City

A compulsory experience is to travel down to Ground Zero in Downtown to see the devastating devastation of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Before heading down to Battery Park, you who are looking for a bargain can visit the Century 21 shopping center, located just off Ground Zero. Here you will find brands with great price discounts on all kinds of products. Don’t forget to check the shoe sections on the ground floor and in the basement. Here it gets off shoes for both women and men.

Battery Park in the south of Manhattan is the next destination. Walk down Wall Street and you will pass Trinity Church. Then consider that the church spire was once the tallest building in Manhattan, and now you would probably just walk right past it without even thinking about it. Down at Battery Park, boats go to the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island) and to Ellis Island, where the immigrants were sent. You buy the boat tickets at Castle Clinton, a fortress in Battery Park dating back to 1807. F

Or if you spent a little too much money yesterday (money is used quickly in New York), you can alternatively go further south and take the free ferry to Staten Island. The Staten Island Ferry is a New York institution and offers great views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan’s skyscrapers. NB! The ferry does not stop on Liberty Island itself, where the Statue of Liberty stands.

When you return from the boat trip, we suggest you use the legs to walk to Chinatown, [see image above]. If you are tired, it is of course allowed to take a taxi. Once in Chinatown, follow Mulberry Street all the way to Little Italy. You’ll find the best pizza in all of New York at Lombardi’s (32 Spring Street, cross street to Mulberry Street). Both in Chinatown and in smaller Little Italy you will find many exciting shops and street markets.

After visiting Downtown, Chinatown and Little Italy we suggest you take a rest and take a look at the hotel. For tonight, head to The East Village or to Greenwich Village. The East Village has history as a Jewish enclave, a haven for hippies and the starting point for the punk movement in New York. Greenwich Village is the artist’s place with the city’s bohemians and trendy people. Common to both places is that you will find nice restaurants, clubs and night spots. But eat at West Village and the charming Smörgås down at the corner of 283 West 12th Street. This is a cozy Swedish (small) intimate restaurant with drinks called Björn Borg and Norwegian Wood, in addition they have reasonably priced quality food. If you fancy some drinks after dinner then a suggestion is to start the evening there 6th Avenue and 8th Street meet.

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