New Orleans Attractions and Tourist

New Orleans Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in New Orleans

There are plenty of attractions and sights in New Orleans. For many, the New Orleans festivals and all the concerts are held almost continuously in the city, the main attraction.

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Still others are seeking tours of mighty Mississippi or hunting for the Vodoo faith. But you who want to visit great museums, amusement parks or relax in nice parks, for yours too!

New Orleans Attractions

City of the Dead – St. Louis Cemetery

It sounds scary and the name doesn’t lie. Here it is reflected in the most famous New Orleans tomb, the St. Louis Cemetery, and where you will find among many the tombstone of Mari Laveau, the vodo queen of New Orleans. Remember that New Orleans is in swampy areas, and it was not easy for people in the old days to bury their dead. That is why the graves look as they do, with thick walls all around, and where some tombstones are large as small houses. There are a total of 42 burial mounds in and around New Orleans.

City Park

City Park is a large green and peaceful oasis with large oak trees and a place that lends itself well to connecting away the stresses and hustle and bustle of daily life. The park area houses museums and a botanical garden, so there is plenty to experience here. The address is 1 Palm Dr.

Audubon Zoo

All cities with respect for themselves have a proper zoo. And then we think of a zoo that conditions conditions for the animals and teaches people to treat nature with respect. Just such a zoo as you can find in New Orleans, more specifically at 6500 Magazine Street.

Aquarium of the Americas

Most of us love good aquariums and with their large selection of jellyfish and sharks we are fascinated by the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Here is enough to look at for the whole family. The address is 1 Canal Street.

Louisiana Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum or Louisiana Children’s Museum if you will, is a nice place to visit for the whole family. Here are often events, festivals and summer camp! The museum offers 30000 square meters of toys and exhibitions. Open year-round from about 0930 to 1630, (one hour longer in the summer). The address is 420 Julia Street. Entry price about 50 kroner.

St. Louis Cathedral

This 1720 church is the oldest active cathedral in the entire United States. In 1964, the church was granted the status of basilica, which is found in only fifteen of the country. St. Louis Cathedral’s thrones over Jackson Square and the cathedral are both historically and religiously important to New Orleans, which is, after all, a Catholic city. Address 615 Père Antoine Alley.

World War II Museum

If you want to experience and learn about the world war as Americans perceive it, you have the opportunity in New Orleans. Here you will find the National World War II Museum with many objects, pictures, texts and other stories about the invasion of Normandy in France and the war against Japan. The address is 945 Magazine Street and open every day of the year from 0900 to 1700.

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