New Zealand Landmarks

New Zealand Landmarks

New Zealand is an interesting country that has a large number of different sights to offer its tourists.

One of the special places in New Zealand is Whangara. According to the country’s legend, the legendary Paikea on a whale is said to have reached New Zealand here. This story of the marae became known far beyond the country’s borders through the film Whale-Rider.
You can still see props left over from the film here, such as the canoe or some plastic whales.

The Otara market is also worth seeing. Here you can not only get to know tropical vegetables and dishes. You can also learn a lot about the handicrafts of the Pacific Islands. You can buy anything from hip-hop CDs to T-shirts here.

You should also have seen the various Bach’s. Bach is a type of holiday home that appeared in New Zealand with the first cars. Anyone who would like to visit Bach’s original, preserved place is at the right place on the island of Rangitoto in the Gulf of Hauraki. The island is also known for its impressive lunar landscape.

You should definitely visit the old parliament building in Wellington. It is one of the largest buildings in the world made of wood. It was built in the neoclassical style in 1870 and at first glance gives the impression that the building material was stone.
Today it is home to the law faculty of the University of Wellington.

When it was inaugurated, the Grafton Bridge was the longest concrete span bridge in the whole world. It is still very important to Auckland traffic today.

Other buildings worth seeing in New Zealand are the Waitangi Treaty area, the house where Katherine Mansfield was born in Wellington, the Harbor Bridge, the Bue Baths, etc.

Even museum lovers will certainly get their money’s worth in New Zealand. In the Te papa Museum of New Zelaland there are mainly exhibits from a natural history collection that tells a lot about the history of the country.
The Museum of Wellington, City and See shows everything about the history of the city and many model ships, as well as other maritime exhibits.

The Auckland Museum is particularly suitable for children. There is not only an interesting collection of natural history to visit, but also various artefacts and boats from almost all of the South Sea islands. This also includes staff navigation maps, jewelry, costumes, etc.

According to babyinger, New Zealand has many other museums to offer, such as the Auckland Art Gallery, the Grovett Brewster Gallery, the Government Building, etc.

There are also plenty of religious buildings to visit in New Zealand. So you should definitely see the old St. Paul’s Church in Wellington. It is New Zealand’s oldest wooden church and was consecrated in 1866. The architect was Pastor Friedrich Thatcher.

The oldest stone church in the country is St. Mary’s Church in New Plymouth. It was built in 1845. Another sacred building worth seeing would be Cape Reinga or Te Rerenga Wairua, as the locals call them.
New Zealand is known right now for having a lot of natural beauty. There are large areas in the country that are covered by rainforest. Here you can hike very well and you don’t have to be afraid of running into dangerous animals or poisonous snakes. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about getting money fever, dengue fever or malaria here either.

Franz-Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier are also worth a visit. Both are huge glaciers that are definitely worth seeing.

But New Zealand has a longer list of natural beauties to offer than those mentioned so far. A detour to the hot springs is certainly interesting, and the Milford Sound will certainly not be boring. Other natural beauties are the Waitomo coves, the Nairere waterfall and White Island.

New Zealand Landmarks

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