New Castle County, Delaware Demographics

New Castle County, Delaware Demographics

New Castle County, Delaware is located in the northeastern corner of the state and is the most populous county in Delaware. With a population of 531,349 (as of 2019), it is also one of the fastest growing counties in America. This county is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

The geography of New Castle County varies from flat plains along its eastern border with Maryland to rolling hills and valleys further inland. The main rivers that pass through this area are the Brandywine River, Red Clay Creek, and White Clay Creek. There are also numerous lakes and ponds located throughout this county such as Silver Lake, Canby’s Pond, and Lums Pond.

The weather in New Castle County is generally mild with hot summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from around 25 degrees Fahrenheit in January to around 78 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The area receives an average of 42 inches of rainfall per year with snowfall averaging around 18 inches per year.

New Castle County has a diverse population that includes people from many different backgrounds and cultures. The largest ethnic group is white (78%), followed by African American (17%) and Hispanic or Latino (3%). Other groups include Asian (2%), Native American (0.4%), Pacific Islander (0.2%), two or more races (1%), and other races (0.6%).

The county has several major cities including Wilmington which is its largest city as well as Newark, Middletown, Bear, Hockessin, New Castle, Claymont, Glasgow Village, Odessa-Montchanin-Port Penn-Tatnall Square-Wilmington Manor-Yorklyn-Greenville-Rising Sun-Ogletown-Elsmere-Marshallton-Delaware City-Cheswolde-Clifford Brown Walkway Historic Districts among others.

New Castle County offers something for everyone with its mix of urban living combined with rural beauty – making it an ideal place for people looking for a place to call home.

Economy of New Castle County, Delaware

New Castle County, Delaware has a thriving and diverse economy. It is home to major employers such as Christiana Care Health System, JPMorgan Chase, and DART First State. These employers provide jobs in a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, and transportation. The county also boasts a growing number of small businesses that provide services such as legal services, accounting services, and retail stores.

The county’s unemployment rate has remained low over the years due to the strong job market. As of 2019, it was 4.4%, which is lower than the national average of 4.9%. The median household income in New Castle County was $62,144 in 2018, which is slightly higher than the national median of $61,937.

The county’s largest industry is healthcare with Christiana Care Health System being its biggest employer with more than 10,000 employees throughout its two hospitals and various medical centers and clinics located throughout the region. Other major healthcare employers include Nemours Alfred I du Pont Hospital for Children and Bayhealth Medical Center.

The finance industry is another major employer in New Castle County with JPMorgan Chase employing more than 5500 people in Wilmington alone as well as other financial institutions such as Bank of America and Barclays providing thousands of jobs across the region.

In addition to these large employers there are also many small businesses located throughout New Castle County providing services ranging from legal services to accounting services to retail stores and restaurants. These small businesses employ thousands of people throughout the county providing employment opportunities for local residents while contributing to the overall economic growth of the region.

The tourism industry also plays an important role in New Castle County’s economy with visitors coming from all over the world to experience its rich history and culture as well as its multitude of attractions including Longwood Gardens, Winterthur Museum & Country Estate, Hagley Museum & Library, Brandywine River Museum & Zoo among others. The hotel industry provides many jobs for local residents who work at hotels throughout the area while bringing tourists into town who contribute to economic growth by spending money on hotel rooms food shopping entertainment etc.

New Castle County has an incredibly diverse economy that provides employment opportunities for both local residents and visitors alike making it an ideal place for anyone looking for employment or wanting to start their own business.

Libraries in New Castle County, Delaware

According to babyinger, New Castle County, Delaware is home to a number of excellent public libraries that provide a wealth of resources to the residents and visitors of the area. The New Castle Public Library, located in Wilmington, is the largest library in the county with more than 250,000 volumes and over 1.2 million items. The library offers a wide range of services such as book clubs, computer classes, story times, and even foreign language classes. In addition to its collection of books and other materials, the library also offers access to digital materials through its online catalog and digital collections.

The Newark Free Library is another popular destination for those looking for books or other resources. Located in Newark, this public library has been serving the community since 1887 with over 100,000 items available for loan. The library also provides access to computers and a variety of digital services such as ebooks and streaming video. In addition to its collection of books and other materials, the library also offers programs such as author talks, book clubs, storytimes for children, and more.

The Bear Library is located in Bear near Newark and has been serving the community since 1962 with over 50,000 items available for loan including books magazines videos CDs DVDs audiobooks ebooks and more. The library also provides access to computers with internet access as well as a variety of digital services including streaming video music downloads ebooks databases genealogy research tools and more.

The Elsmere Library is located in Elsmere near Wilmington with over 40,000 items available for loan including books, magazines, videos CDs, etc.

The libraries in New Castle County offer an incredible wealth of resources that make them invaluable assets to both local residents and visitors alike. With so many options available it’s easy to see why these libraries are so popular – no matter what you’re looking for there’s sure to be something that meets your needs at one of these great libraries.

New Castle County, Delaware

Landmarks in New Castle County, Delaware

According to a2zdirectory, New Castle County, Delaware is a stunningly beautiful region that is home to a wide variety of landmarks and attractions. From historic sites to modern attractions, this county has something for everyone. The county is known for its rich history, with many significant sites that are sure to delight visitors.

The New Castle Courthouse Museum is one of the most renowned landmarks in the area. Built in 1732, this museum houses artifacts from the colonial period, as well as documents and artifacts from the Revolutionary War. Visitors can explore the building’s interior and learn about its history while admiring its architecture.

Another popular landmark in New Castle County is the Hagley Museum and Library. This institution was founded by E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company as a place to preserve the history of industry and innovation in America’s past. Here visitors can explore exhibits on topics such as 19th century science, industrial development, transportation technologies, and more.

The Delaware Art Museum is another must-see attraction in New Castle County. This museum features works from around the world, including paintings by renowned artists such as Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Cassatt. In addition to artworks, visitors can also enjoy sculpture gardens and outdoor exhibitions at this museum.

The Wilmington Riverfront also offers plenty of exciting attractions for visitors to enjoy in New Castle County. Here visitors can take part in activities such as fishing or kayaking on the Christina River or exploring some of the area’s historic sites such as Fort Christina Park or Old Swedes Churchyard Cemetery – both of which date back centuries.

For those looking for outdoor recreation options there are plenty available in New Castle County too. The White Clay Creek State Park offers over 3200 acres of woods and meadows that are perfect for hiking or biking along nature trails or simply enjoying nature’s beauty while camping out under the stars.

New Castle County also boasts many cultural attractions – from museums like the Delaware Historical Society Museum to theaters like The Playhouse on Rodney Square – that will keep visitors entertained throughout their stay here. There are also plenty of shopping destinations around town where guests can find unique items from local vendors or national brands alike.

All these amazing landmarks make New Castle County an incredibly diverse destination with something special for everyone who visits it. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation opportunities or cultural attractions this region has it all – so come explore all that it has to offer today.

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