Nauru Education

Nauru Education

It is compulsory and free school for children aged 6-16. The primary school is 7 years old, and the secondary school lasts up to 4 years.

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Nauru, Island Republic of Oceania, in the southeastern Pacific south of the equator. Bordering Micronesia and the Marshall Islands in the north, Kiribati in the east, Solomon Islands in the south and Papua New Guinea in the west. Nauru is the world’s smallest republic in area and the world’s smallest non-European country. There is no official capital, but the government resides in the Yaren.

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Nauru Schooling

Nauru became independent in 1968.

The name, Nauru, is of unknown origin. As the country’s phosphate mines are almost depleted, more and more of its residents are forced to subsist agriculture and fisheries. The country is becoming increasingly dependent on Australia’s aid and the payment it receives to house the disputed refugee camp for Australia.

More than 80 Sri Lankan refugees were sent to the refugee camp from Australia in March 2007, after the Canberra government was unable to reach an agreement with Indonesia to take over the refugees.

Marcus Stephen was elected president in December. Already in March-April 2008, he experienced a severe parliamentary and constitutional crisis. In Parliament he was faced with a vote of no confidence, which was initially averted when the President resigned. The turmoil now spread to the whole island. A few days later, the new President of Parliament convened Parliament, without informing more ministers. Parliament now passed a law banning dual citizenship for ministers. Had the law been effective, power would have been tipped in favor of the opposition as two sitting ministers held dual citizenship. In April, the Supreme Court knew the law was illegal, as it was a mistake not to summon all members. The situation between parliament and government was still tapered off to Stephen on April 18, prompting a swift parliamentary election, that was already held 8 days later. That, in turn, gave him a majority in parliament and immediately resolved the crisis.

As a small country, Nauru has an affinity for smaller states. It is therefore often quick to recognize new states. In 2008, it recognized as one of the first countries in Kosovo, and in 2009 it recognized Abkhazia – the autonomous region detached from Georgia. In recognition of the recognition, Nauru received DKK 50 million. US $ in aid from Russia.

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