National Parks in Utah

National Parks in Utah

If you want to enjoy pristine nature reserves and a wealth of flora and fauna during a tour of Western America, you should definitely visit the national parks in Utah. This vast state is known for its fantastic national parks where nature lovers can indulge themselves. Let the deserted roads take you past breathtaking views to the many Utah national parks in the state. Read here which five you should not miss!

National Park Bryce Canyon

One of the most beloved national parks in Utah is Bryce Canyon, located in the south of the state. Bryce Canyon is home to a special natural phenomenon: the largest collection of hoodoos. Hoodoos, special pillars of stone created by erosion, are present here in all shapes and sizes. Especially at sunset, the hoodoos take on spectacular colours, nature then gives a special show, as it were. During your tour through West America, a visit to Thor’s Hammer, the most impressive hoodoo, should certainly not be missed.

For those who want to discover all the sights in Bryce Canyon, the Rim Trail is highly recommended. This route takes you past waterfalls, ravines, the Bryce Amphitheater and past lush manzanitas (trees that are green all year round). In short, a must-visit!

National Park Zion

According to indexdotcom, Zion is one of the most popular national parks in Utah , located in the far south of the state. The unique nature and sandstone rock formations ensure an unforgettable visit during your tour. The plants in Zion have adapted well to Utah’s dry climate and add a beautiful touch to the rugged environment . You will encounter a great variety of vegetation here. Pine trees, yucca and cacti grow here, which provide an environment full of color in the spring. At the same time, the vegetation provides a shelter for the many special animals in the park, such as coyotes, deer, cougars, snakes and beavers.

When you visit Zion in Utah during your tour of Western America , you will learn a lot about the history of the park. For example, archaeological sites and ruins have been opened to the public where much can be discovered about the peoples who used to live in Zion.

National Park Canyonlands

The green Canyonlands National Park is located in southwestern Utah and is ideally suited for outdoor activities. The vast desert areas, the roaring Colorado River and the impressive rock plateaus provide ideal conditions for all kinds of outdoor activities. Hiking, off-roading, camping, fishing and hunting are popular activities among visitors to the Canyonlands. The sheer heights and blazing sun in Canyonlands make for extreme conditions, so make sure you are well prepared during your tour!

Canyonlands is also the place to be for wildlife enthusiasts: you will encounter foxes, deer, bighorn sheep and black bears here! Furthermore, the park is home to a wide variety of birds, from eagles to turkeys.

National Park Arches

The last of the national parks in Utah that is definitely worth a visit on your tour of Western America is Arches. The park is located in western Utah and is a true color paradise. Despite Utah’s dry climate, it’s anything but dead here. There are many wild flowers that cover the park like a colorful blanket. You will come across flowering cacti, prairie sunflowers and orchids here.

Not only the flowers give color to Arches, but also the rocks that consist of different layers and colors. Arches national park is known for the many rock arches (arches) that the park has. The most beautiful arches are Landscape Arch and Delicate Arch, which is also on Utah license plates .

National park Capitol Reef

In the middle of the state is one of the most visited national parks in Utah: Capitol Reef. The flat prairies are waiting to be explored and the steep rocky plateaus stand out against the blue sky. There are countless ravines and gorges in Capitol Reef, a real challenge for hikers! A special natural phenomenon can also be admired in this park in Utah : Waterpocket Fold. The crust at Waterpocket Fold is wrinkled and consists of sandstone layers ‘folded’ over each other. You should definitely not miss this impressive natural wonder during your tour of Western America!

In addition to the wild nature, there are also ancient orchards to visit in Capitol Reef. They were built by the first pioneers and now consist of about 3000 trees. In this orchard you will find cherry, walnut, apricot and apple trees.

National park in Utah

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