Motorola Moto X Comes to Europe 429 Euros… without Personalization

For five months and a half which arose the Motorola Moto X, one of the phones more expected from 2013 and which showed the intention of this manufacturer by return to the front pages in the field of mobile technology.

Since then the terminal Motorola franchise has been available only in United States, Canada and some countries lantinoamericanos, but the company has announced that Moto X It will start to sell on February 1 in France and Germany by 429 euros, While in the United Kingdom, will be priced at 380 pounds.
This device was notable for two fundamental characteristics: the voice activation even being in the lock screen, and the possibility of customize the external appearance the Terminal through the motorcycle Maker tool, available initially on AT & T and later in other operators.

That outside personalization not available initially in these European countries that is release, and see complicated that that option is open by the logistical difficulties – the phone is mounted on the United States, and that would delay deliveries considerably. We’ll see if that option is finally available, and especially if the Moto X reach other European countries like Spain.