Moto G Receives Their Ration of Android KitKat Sooner Than Expected

While some hoped that the G bike arrived to the market directly with the latest version of Android this privilege continued falling in hands of Nexus devices and terminals with Google Edition, becoming the new Motorola smartphone with Android factory 4.3.

But still from the manufacturer noted that at the beginning of 2014 your last bet would get their dose of Android KitKat but will not, and is that from today United States users who bought their smartphones through the website of the manufacturer or from Amazon already are starting to receive the update.

Specifically the version that these Moto G users are getting is the 4.4.2, which introduces some improvements on the 4.4 as the ability to send orders to printers. The update now available in the United States will gradually reaching more countries and to operator terminals, so that Spanish users will have to wait to upgrade your bike G officially.

With a so quick update to the latest version of Android Motorola demonstrates its bid to keep their terminals to the latest While Google has left abandoned to Terminal users Nexus, as it has happened to the owners of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is not officially upgraded to Android KitKat.