Micronesia Education

Micronesia Education


Schooling is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 14. Every atoll and larger island has at least one school. Almost all children attend school for eight years, but only 20–25% go on to secondary schools. At Pohnpei there is a teacher’s college and at Yap a school for fishing and shipping was opened. Many micronesia study at American universities. In 1995, over 80% of the population was literate.

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Micronesia Schooling

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Knowledge and culture

There is a compulsory 8-year primary school and a secondary school divided into 2 + 2 years. There is a teacher’s college at Pohnpei and the Micronesia Maritime and Fisheries Academy at Yap.

4 newspapers are published, two fortnightly and two monthly.

The state broadcaster has regional broadcasts in 4 channels. There is one state and three commercial television companies.

The Micronesia Federation’s film, art and literature are not much internationally noted. The dance ritual traditions have been drawn into the theater culture which has received increased attention.

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