Marshall Islands Education

Marshall Islands Education

There is a 9-year compulsory schooling for children aged 6-15. The elementary school is 6 years old, and the secondary school is 6 years old. The College of the Marshall Islands is headquartered on the island of Majuro. In 1995, the University of South Pacific opened a department at Majuro.

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Marshall Islands Schooling

Land area 181 km²
Total population 77,917
Population density (per km²) 430.5
Capital Majuro
Official language Marshallese, English
Income per capita 3,600 USD
Currency U.S. dollar
ISO 3166 code MH
Internet TLD .mh
License plate MH
Telephone code +692
Time zone UTC +12
Geographic coordinates 9 00 N, 168 00 O
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Dalap-Uliga-Darrit, the capital of the Marshall Islands; 20,000 residents. The town is located 700 km N of Equator on the atoll (annular coral island) Majuro.

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