Kiribati Education

Kiribati Education


More than 90% of the Kiribati are literate. Schooling is compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and 15, the first six years in primary school, the following three years in secondary school. Each atoll has at least one state compulsory school, and almost all compulsory children attend school.

Kiribati Schooling

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In 1991 there were three state and six private continuing schools, teacher training, nurses and sailors as well as a state college with technical education and two private colleges. The University of the South Pacific at Fiji has a branch in southern Tarawa. Nearly 18% of the state budget went to the education sector in 1995.

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In January 2014, a committee was set up to promote Tong as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to raise awareness of global climate change. In August, Tong stated that calculations, the highest point in Kiribati will have disappeared into the sea by the end of the 21st century.

Also in 2014, it attracted attention when a man from Kiribati in New Zealand claimed the status of climate refugee. The claim was subsequently rejected in both a national court, appeals court and the Supreme Court of New Zealand. The Supreme Court saw it as its duty to prevent refugees from the climate disaster finding their way into the Refugee Convention.

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The December 2016 parliamentary elections were won by Boutokaan Te Koaua (Pillars of Truth), who got 26 out of Parliament’s 46 seats. An increase of 11 seats in the previous election. Then, the two opposition parties merged and formed the Tobwaan Kiribati Party, which in March 2016 won the presidential election with Taneti Mamau as the candidate. He got 60% of the vote.


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