Interstate 91 in Vermont

Interstate 91 in Vermont


Get started Vernon
End Derby Line
Length 177 mi
Length 285 km
  • Massachusetts1 Brattleboro
  • 2 Brattleboro
  • 3 North Brattleboro
  • 4 Putney
  • 5 Walpole
  • 6 Bellows Falls
  • 7 Charlestown
  • 8 Claremont
  • 9 Hartland
  • 10 → Burlington / Concord
  • 11 White River Junction
  • 12 North White River Junction
  • 13 Hanover
  • 14 East Thetford
  • 15 Fairlee
  • 16 Bradford
  • 17 Wells River
  • 18 Barnet
  • 19 → Littleton
  • 20 St Johnsbury
  • 21 St Johnsbury
  • 22 North St Johnsbury
  • 23 Lyndonville
  • 24 Lyndon
  • 25 Barton
  • 26 Orléans
  • 27 Newport
  • 28 Newport
  • 29 Derby Line

Interstate 91 or I -91 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Vermont. The highway forms a north-south route throughout the state, and is 285 kilometers long. There are no places of interest on the route, most of the larger towns are no more than large villages.

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Travel directions

I-91 near Windsor.

I-91 at White River Junction.

Just south of Vernon, Interstate 91 in Massachusetts crosses the border into Vermont. The highway will then run parallel to the Connecticut River through the valley for the time being. You pass some small towns, and the highway is quiet. US 5 runs along the highway. The area is slightly hilly and wooded. The highway runs right past the steep, nearly 1,000-foot-high Mount Ascutney. After 120 kilometers, you reach the main interchange on the route, Interstate 89 at White River Junction. I-89 runs from Concord in New Hampshirevia the capital Montpelier to Montreal. Also north of this, I-91 follows the Connecticut River, which also forms the border with New Hampshire. At Wells River one crosses US 302, a main road from Montpelier to Littleton. Near the town of St. Johnsbury, Interstate 93 ends at I-91, which comes from Concord and Boston, and is also a north-south route. It also crosses the US 2, a main road from New Hampshire to Montpelier. North of St. Johnsbury the road becomes even quieter, leaving the course of the Connecticut River. At Derby Line, the highway crosses the border into Canada, continuing on the A55 toward Québec.

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I-91 is the oldest Interstate Highway in Vermont, the first section opened to traffic in 1958 near the Massachusetts border. The highway was mainly opened during the 1960s.

Opening history

The opening dates below are primarily in southern Vermont.

From Unpleasant Length Opening
MA state line Exit 1 10 km 01-11-1958
Exit 1 Exit 2 3 km 31-07-1959
Exit 2 Exit 3 6 km 05-10-1960
Exit 3 Exit 4 18 km 06-12-1961
Exit 4 Exit 5 5 km 10-08-1962
exit 28 Exit 29 4 km 20-11-1962
Exit 29 Canada 3 km 21-08-1963
Exit 5 exit 6 14 km 07-11-1963
exit 6 exit 8 26 km 00-00-1965

Traffic intensities

I-91 is a quiet highway. 18,000 vehicles cross the Massachusetts border every day, and further north, it only drops. There is a small peak at White River Junction with 28,000 vehicles per day. North of this it drops to 6,000 vehicles per day. Only 2,400 vehicles cross the border into Canada every day.

Interstate 91 in Vermont

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