Interstate 376 in Pennsylvania

Interstate 376 in Pennsylvania


Get started Sharon
End Monroeville
Length 81 mi
Length 130 km
  • → Cleveland / New YorkWest Middlesex
  • Sharon Road
  • New Wilmington
  • Mitchell Road
  • → Butler
  • Poland
  • Butler
  • Mount Jackson
  • Moravia
  • → Cleveland / Pittsburgh
  • Beaver Falls
  • chippewa
  • Brighton
  • beaver
  • monaca
  • Center Twp
  • aliquippa
  • hopewell
  • Pittsburgh Cargo Airport
  • Clinton
  • Weirton
  • Pittsburgh International Airport
  • McClaren Road
  • Pittsburgh Cargo Airport
  • Montour Run Road
  • Robinson Town Center Boulevard
  • → Weirton
  • → Morgantown / Erie
  • Rosslyn Farms
  • carnegie
  • Mount Lebanon
  • Parkway Center Drive
  • Pittsburgh-Banksville Road
  • Pittsburgh West End
  • Pittsburgh-West Carson Street
  • Pittsburgh-Boulevard of the Allies
  • Pittsburgh-Fort Duquesne Boulevard
  • → North Suburbs
  • Pittsburgh-Stanwix Street
  • Pittsburgh-Grant Street
  • Pittsburgh-Second Avenue
  • Pittsburgh-Forbes Avenue
  • → Downtown
  • Pittsburgh-Oakland
  • Pittsburgh-Squirrel Hill
  • Edgewood
  • Forest Hills
  • Wilkinsburg
  • Greensburg Pike
  • Churchill
  • Monroeville
  • Penn Hills
  • Monroeville
  • plum
  • Monroeville
  • murrysville
  • →Cleveland/Philadelphia

Interstate 376 or I -376 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The highway forms an east-west and north-south route in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and runs from Interstate 80 at Sharon to I-76 at Monroeville. The route is 130 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The interchange between I-79 and I-376 west of Pittsburgh.

The Fort Pitt Tunnel.

I-376 in Pittsburgh.

The highway begins at Sharon, in northwestern Pennsylvania at an interchange with Interstate 80, which runs from Cleveland to New York. The snewleg runs south here and becomes a toll road south of New Castle. Further south, there is a first interchange with Interstate 76, which runs from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. Here you can choose to follow the I-76/I-279 to Pittsburgh, or the I-376 via the Pittsburgh airport. Farther south, the highway crosses the Ohio River and passes the Pittsburgh airport. South of the airport, US 22 and US 30 from Weirton, West Virginia voegenin. This is followed by an interchange with Interstate 79, the north-south highway from Morgantown in West Virginia to Erie in the north. Here, I-376 runs east into the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Passing through the western suburbs, the highway passes through the congested Fort Pitt Tunnel, then over the Fort Pitt Bridge over the Monongahela River, into downtown Pittsburgh.

Near downtown Pittsburgh, I-376 exits from Interstate 279, which runs to the northern suburbs. This junction is built half way into the bridge. The highway then deepens for one lane through a spectacular setting of the skyline on the north side and the Monongahela River on the south side to the east. The highway has 2×3 lanes and passes along several bridges over the Monongahela. There are exits with many flyovers here via impressive 4-layer connections. After 3 miles, the highway exits the river and turns further into the hills through the residential areas of Pittsburgh. The highway then narrows to 2×2 lanes as you have to go through the old Squirrel Hill Tunnel. This section is called the Penn Lincoln Highway. The highway then enters the eastern suburbs, which are sparsely built up due to the highly hilly terrain. US 22 runs double-numbered with I-376. The highway has alternately 2×2 and 2×3 lanes. In the suburb of Monroeville, I-376 connects to Interstate 76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike toll road toward Philadelphia.

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The first section of the highway opened on June 5, 1953, including the Squirrel Hill Tunnel in eastern Pittsburgh. On September 29, 1956, a short 2-mile section opened to the east of downtown Pittsburgh. The downtown section opened in 1958-1959 and until I-76 on October 27, 1962. The highway has temporarily changed numbers, such as I-70 in the early 1960s and I-76 in the late 1960s and early 1970s. From 1972 the road was called I-376.

The Beaver Valley Expressway in Sharon opened to traffic in 1968, off I-80, the first section of what would later become I-376 outside of Pitsburg. The highway between New Castle and Sharon was completed in 1977. The southern portion of the Beaver Valley Expressway between Beaver Falls and Pittsburgh Airport was constructed between 1971 and 1976. For a long time, a stretch of highway called the James E. Ross Highway was missing between New Castle and Beaver Falls. It was opened as a toll road in two phases in 1991 and 1992. For a long time, Pittsburgh Airport also lacked a short stretch of highway called the Southern Expressway. This stretch opened to traffic in 1992, and was the last toll-free highway built in the Pittsburgh area.

Until 2009, I-376 was only an east-west connection between I-279 and I-76 in Pittsburgh and the eastern suburbs. In June 2009, I-376 was extended to I-76 at Beaver Falls, thereby adding a north-south section to I-376. On November 6, 2009, I-376 was extended even further to I-80 at Sharon. From then on, I-376 begins in Sharon and heads south.

Opening history

Region of Pittsburgh

From Unpleasant Length Date
Bates Street US 22 Business 11 km 05-06-1953
SR-60 Pittsburgh Int’l Airport Saw Mill Run Road 18 km 15-10-1953
Birmingham Bridge Bates Street 2 km 29-09-1956
Fort Pitt Bridge Birmingham Bridge 2 km 00-00-1958
Fort Pitt Bridge 1 km 19-06-1959
Fort Pitt Tunnel 2 km 01-09-1960
US 22 Business Pennsylvania Turnpike 6 km 27-10-1962


Interstate 376 is a toll road for 16 miles, this stretch runs from New Castle to Beaver Falls and has an open toll system. The toll road is also known as the Beaver Valley Expressway. The toll road is in the management of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. There are two toll stations on the main carriageway south of New Castle and at Beaver Falls. In addition, there are some toll stations on entrances and exits. The toll has been fully electronic since April 30, 2017 with E-ZPass and registration toll. The Beaver Valley Expressway is the most expensive toll road on the Pennsylvania Turnpike per mile.

Interstate 376 in Pennsylvania

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