Interstate 35 in Oklahoma

Interstate 35 in Oklahoma


Begin Thackerville
End Braman
Length 236 mi
Length 380 km
  • Texas1 Thackerville
  • 5 Thackerville
  • 15 Marietta
  • 21 Oswalt Road
  • 24 Lake Murray State Park
  • 29 Waurika
  • 31 Ardmore
  • 32 12th Street
  • 33 Ardmore
  • 40 Springer
  • 42 Comanche
  • 47 Turner Falls
  • 51 Turner Falls
  • 55 Davis
  • 60 Ruppe Road
  • 64 Wynnewood
  • 66 Elmore City
  • 70 Airport Road
  • 72 Pauls Valley
  • 74 Kimberlin Road
  • 79 Paoli
  • 86 Wayne
  • 91 Lexington
  • 95 Purcell
  • 98 Johnson Road
  • 101 Ladd Road
  • 104 Goldsby
  • 106 Chickasha
  • 108 Tecumseh
  • 109-114: Norman
  • 109 Main Street
  • 110 Robinson Street
  • 112 Tecumseh Road
  • 113 Norman
  • 114 Indian Hill Road
  • 116-119: Moore
  • 116 19th Street
  • 117 Main Street
  • 118 12th Street
  • 119 Shields Boulevard
  • 120-138: Oklahoma City
  • 120 89th Street
  • 121 → Airport / Fort Smith
  • 122 59th/66th Street
  • 123 44th/51st Street
  • 124 Grand Boulevard
  • 125 15th Street
  • 126 → Yellow/Edmond
  • 127 Eastern Avenue
  • 128 → Fort Smith
  • 129 10th Street
  • 130 23rd Street
  • 131 36th Street
  • 132 50th/63rd Street
  • 133 → Wichita Falls
  • 134 Wilshire Boulevard
  • 135 Britton Road
  • 136 Hefner Road
  • 137 122nd Street
  • 138A → Tulsa
  • 138B Kilpatrick Turnpike
  • 138C Sooner Road
  • 139-146: Edmond
  • 139 33rd Street
  • 140 15th Street
  • 141 2nd Street
  • 142 Danforth Road
  • 143 Covell Road
  • 146 Waterloo Road
  • 151 Seward Road
  • 153 Guthrie
  • 157 Guthrie
  • 170 Mulhall Road
  • 174 Stillwater
  • 180 Orlando Road
  • 185 Perry
  • 186 Perry
  • 193 Airport Road
  • 194 → Enid / Tulsa
  • 203 Billings
  • 211 Fountain Road
  • 214 Ponca City
  • 218 Hubbard Road
  • 222 Blackwell
  • 230 Braman Road
  • 231 Braman
  • Kansas

Interstate 35 or I -35 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. The highway is the main north-south connection in the state, running from the Texas border at Thackerville through Oklahoma City to the Kansas border at Braman. The highway has few elevation changes, and runs through the vast agricultural areas of the Midwest. The highway is 380 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-35 between Ardmore and Davis.

I-35 near the interchange with I-40 in Oklahoma City.

I-35 at Braman in Northern Oklahoma.

Southern Oklahoma

The Red River forms the border between Texas and Oklahoma and Interstate 35 in Texas crosses it via a bridge. Not far to the south is the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Parallel to the highway is US 77, which will do the same for the rest of the state. The first town is Thackerville, little more than a hamlet. The highway runs due north, and has 2×2 lanes. The first somewhat larger town is Ardmore, where the US 70crosses, which runs from Durant to Vernon. About 25 kilometers to the north you come through the Arbuckle Mountains, a hilly area, where the Turner Falls are located, a large waterfall. After this one quickly descends about 100 meters to reach the plains again. The landscape after this is quite monotonous, but not completely flat. I-35 has a wide median strip. At Purcell one crosses the Canadian River, one of the larger tributaries of the Mississippi.

Just south of Norman the road widens to 2×3 lanes. Here people come a bit more in the civilized world, Norman is a larger regional city with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The passage through Norman has been modernized with frontage roads, 2×3 lanes and a series of connections. The town of Norman has almost grown attached to Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma City

The first suburb of Oklahoma City along I-35 is the large suburb of Moore. Here too, the highway has 2×3 lanes. After Moore one enters the city of Oklahoma City itself. It soon crosses the first freeway, Interstate 240, which forms a southern east-west perimeter highway in the city. Next to the junction is a huge mall, an indoor shopping complex.

Just east of downtown, you’ll reach a major interchange where I-35 turns east to briefly merge with Interstate 40. To the west, I-40 heads toward Amarillo in Texas, and continues straight on Interstate 235, or Centennial Expressway, past downtown to the northern neighborhoods. For a short distance, I-35 and I-40 converge, providing 2×5 lanes of traffic. Through a large interchange, I-35 veers north, and I-40 heads east toward Little Rock, Arkansas. After this junction, 2×3 lanes are available for traffic. On the east side of the city, one intersects with US 62, which runs from Oklahoma City to Muskogee, a regional city in the east of the state.

On the north side of the city, Interstate 44 merges, running diagonally through the state of Oklahoma, from Wichita Falls toward Tulsa. The double-numbering lasts approximately 7 kilometers before I-44 turns northeast to follow the Turner Turnpike, a toll road. Westbound here is the John Kilpatrick Turnpike, a toll ring road to the north and west of the city of Oklahoma City. After driving through the city for about 30 kilometers, you leave the city again, and you pass the larger suburb of Edmond. After this the road narrows again to 2×2 lanes.

Northern Oklahoma

One enters rural Oklahoma again, with large agricultural areas, in slightly undulating area. At Guthrie, US 77 exits again, which merged with I-35 since Norman, 70 kilometers earlier on the route. Unlike other parts of the Midwest, you can still see some trees here on a regular basis. The classic yes marbles can still be seen here and there along the highway. One crosses the Cimarron River which flows towards Tulsa. At the town of Perry you cross the US 64, which runs from Enid to Tulsa. Just north of this town is a cloverleaf, where the Cimarron Turnpike, a toll road ends. This toll road connects Oklahoma’s second city, Tulsa, with the regional city of Enid, located just west of I-35. The highway network in the north of the state is a grid pattern with intersecting roads every mile.

At the village of Tonkawa, one crosses the Arkansas River, a more important river flowing eastward toward Tulsa, and crosses US 60, which runs from Enid to Ponca City, two towns near I-35. The last major town before the border is Blackwell. At Braman, just before the border, the US 177 crosses, which runs from Stillwater to Wellington. Then the state line with Kansas follows and Interstate 35 in Kansas continues to Wichita and Kansas City.

Interstate 35 in Oklahoma

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