Interstate 271 in Ohio

Interstate 271 in Ohio


Get started Madinah
End Willoughby Hills
Length 40 mi
Length 64 km
  • → Columbus / Cleveland3 Ridge Road
  • 9 Brecksville Road
  • 10 → Akron / Cleveland
  • 12 Streetsboro Road
  • 18 → Akron
  • 19 Aurora Road
  • 21 → Youngstown
  • 26 → Cleveland
  • 27 → Warren
  • 28 Harvard Road
  • 29 Chagrin Boulevard
  • 32 Brainard Road
  • 34 Mayfield Road
  • 36 Wilson Mills Road
  • 40 → Cleveland / Buffalo

Interstate 271 or I -271 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway bypasses the city of Cleveland for traffic from the south toward the northeast. The route only passes through Cleveland’s eastern suburbs, and runs between Interstate 71 and Interstate 90. The road is double-numbered for a bit with Interstate 480, the only place in the United States where two 3-digit Interstates are double-numbered. The route is 64 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The starting point of I-271 in Medina.

I-271 with express lanes on the east side of Cleveland.

The highway branches off Interstate 71, the highway from Columbus to Cleveland a little south of Cleveland. The highway will then run in 2×2 lanes through the less developed area between the Cleveland and Akron metropolitan areas. Richfield crosses Interstate 77, the highway from Akron to Cleveland. The highway intersects Interstate 80 in an odd fashion, with both lanes of I-271 passing under the southbound lane of I-80, then crossing the northbound lanes. There is no junction between the two highways. One crosses the Cuyahoga River, and then reaches the first suburb, Macedonia. At Northfield, theInterstate 480 coming in from the southeast. Both roads are then double-numbered and have 2×3 lanes. The entire route of I-271 has a hefty space reservation in the median strip. At Bedford Heights, I-480 turns west and I-271 continues straight. Highway US 422 heads east toward Warren. North of this, I-271 has parallel lanes with 3+2+2+3 lanes. It passes by the suburb of Mayfield Heights before terminating on Interstate 90 at Willoughby Hills. I-90 runs along the shore of Lake Erie toward the cities of Erie and Buffalo.

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Construction history

The Cleveland Bypass was built in a relatively short time. In the early 1960s, I-71 and I-90 were completed, but did not provide a through route through Cleveland, because the part of I-71 in Cleveland was still missing until about 1968. The highway is mainly constructed from north to south. The first section opened circa 1964, immediately running a long section of 11 miles between Woodmere and I-90. Circa 1967, another 11 miles south to OH-8 opened, creating a high-quality connection to Akron. Between 1969 and 1972, the southern section was commissioned in three phases, completing the Cleveland Bypass.

In the 1960s and early 1970s there were also plans for a double numbering with Interstate 290. This highway was never built, but at the time the section between Beachwood and Mayfield Heights was also signposted as I-290. The only portion of I-290 that has actually been constructed is the Troy Lee James Highway, which is now numbered Interstate 490. In the 1970s there were plans for a 75 kilometer bridge over Lake Erie to Port Stanley in Ontario as a toll road. The cost was then estimated at $1 billion. These plans were never seriously worked out.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Exit 29 Woodmere Exit 40 18 km about 1964
Exit 18 Macedonia (OH-8) Exit 29 Woodmere 18 km circa 1967
Exit 1 Exit 3 Hinckley 5 km about 1969
Exit 3 Hinckley Exit 9 10 km about 1971
Exit 9 Exit 18 Macedonia (OH-8) 14 km about 1972


Express lanes were added to the northern portion of I-271 between I-480 and I-90 between 1993 and 1995. These lanes in the central reservation have fewer connections and are intended for through traffic. However, they are not express lanes with toll collection. The highway here usually has 3+2+2+3 lanes, partly 4+2+2+4 lanes. It is the widest highway in the Cleveland area.

In the second half of the 1990s, I-271 was widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes between both branches of I-480. This route handles both traffic bypassing Cleveland and traffic entering and exiting the city from the southeast.

Further south, the interchange with OH-8 toward Akron was a regular exit, with traffic between the two freeways encountering two to three traffic lights. Flyovers were installed in 2009 so that traffic to and from OH-8 no longer has to go through traffic lights. Subsequently, in 2015-2016, the 4-kilometer section between OH-8 and I-480 was widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes.

Circa 2006-2007, the I-480 overpass over the Cuyahoga Valley near the hamlet of Boston was replaced. The viaducts are wider than the original spans, but the highway has not been widened. In 2015, the interchange with I-77 was reconstructed a little further south.

Between August 2016 and June 2020, I-271 further north on the double-numbered I-480 to Bedford Heights has been widened to 2×5 lanes.


I-271 has no interchange with the Ohio Turnpike (I-80) south of Cleveland. A special feature is the intersection between the two highways, I-271 first goes under the viaduct of the roadway to the east, but then with a flyover over the roadway to the west, so that there are three levels on site despite there being no interchange between the two highways. is possible.

Traffic to and from the Ohio Turnpike can use nearby freeways, heading north can use I-77 traffic to reach the turnpike, southbound traffic can use OH-8 to reach the turnpike. In addition, it is also possible to use I-71 to the north and I-480 to the south, so that the lack of a junction does not affect traffic flows.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes length
Exit 0 I-71 Medina Exit 18 SR-8 Macedonia 2×2 30 km
Exit 18 SR-8 Macedonia Exit 21 I-480 2×3 5 km
Exit 21 I-480 Exit 26 I-480 2×5 8 km
Exit 26 I-480 Exit 27 US 422 Warrensville Heights 2×3 2 km
Exit 27 US 422 Warrensville Heights Exit 40 I-90 3+2+2+3 21 km

Traffic intensities

Every day, 113,000 to 124,000 vehicles travel on the dual-numbering I-480, 83,000 vehicles between both branches of I-480 and 101,000 to 168,000 vehicles on the route from I-480 to I-90, where there is a parallel structure. The traffic intensities here gradually decrease towards the north.

Interstate 271 in Ohio

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