Interstate 190 and 290 in New York

Interstate 190 and 290 in New York

Interstate 190 in New York

Begin West Seneca
End Niagara Falls
Length 29 mi
Length 46 km
  • → Erie / Rochester1 Ogden Street
  • 2 Clinton Street
  • 3 Bailey Avenue
  • 4 Smith Street
  • 5 Hamburg Street
  • 6 Downtown Buffalo
  • 7 Buffalo Skyway
  • 8 Niagara Street
  • 9 Peace Bridge
  • 11 → Buffalo Beltway
  • 12 Amherst Street
  • 13 Austin Street
  • 14 Niagara Street
  • 15 Sheridan Drive
  • 16 → Buffalo Bypass
  • 17 River Road
  • 18 Beaver Island Parkway
  • 19 Whitehaven Road
  • 20 River Parkway
  • 21 Robert Moses Parkway
  • 21A LaSalle Expressway
  • 22 Niagara Falls
  • 23 Packard Road
  • 24 Witmer Road
  • 25 Lewiston Road
  • Highway 405

Interstate 190 or I -190 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. Located in the Buffalo metropolitan area, the highway runs from Interstate 90 in West Seneca through Buffalo to the Canadian border at Niagara Falls. The highway is 46 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-190 in Buffalo.

I-190 with different fonts.

At West Seneca, I-190 begins at an interchange with Interstate 90 on the east side of Buffalo. Buffalo is a city of 257,000 inhabitants and an agglomeration of 1.2 million. The highway will then have 2×3 lanes, and you will pass through the southern districts of the city. The highway runs elevated past downtown Buffalo, and offers good views of the Buffalo skyline and Lake Erie. After downtown, turn off to the Peace Bridge, which crosses the Niagara River to the Queen Elizabeth Way, the highway to St. Catherines in Ontario, Canada.

It then crosses NY-198, the Scajaquada Expressway that circles north of Buffalo. It then passes through the northern suburbs, parallel to the Niagara River. Interstate 290, the city’s northern bypass, begins at Tonawanda on the north side of town. The South Grand Island Bridge, a toll bridge, crosses the Niagara East River, as the Niagara River splits into two rivers here around Grand Island. Then you have to cross the Niagara East River again via the North Grand Island Bridge, also a toll bridge. Grand Island is only accessible via toll bridges. The Canadian border is less than a kilometer away here.

Immediately after the bridge, one crosses the Robert Moses Parkway, which leads to downtown Niagara Falls. I-190 runs along the east side of Niagara Falls. The famous Niagara Falls falls are accessible via the Robert Moses Parkway. On the north side of Niagara Falls, the border station follows, after which one crosses the border into Canada. From here, Highway 405 in Ontario continues to St. Catharines, Hamilton, and finally through a bend to Toronto or even Detroit.

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Originally built by the New York State Thruway Authority, I-190 is also a part toll road. The downtown Buffalo section opened to traffic in 1954. About 1957 the section opened on Grand Island, just north of Buffalo. In 1961 the entire highway was completed, which from 1957 was numbered as I-90N, which was changed to I-190 two years later. The bridge over the Niagara East River between Tonawanda and Grand Island opened in 1935, with a second bridge in 1962. The North Grand Island Bridge at Niagara Falls also opened in 1935, with a second opening in 1965. The Lewiston-Queenston Bridge on the Canadian border opened to traffic on November 1, 1962. The Niagara Falls bypass opened to traffic about 1964.


I-190 runs between Buffalo and Niagara Falls over Grand Island. Tolls are charged on both bridges, on the southern set of bridges only to the north and on the northern set of bridges only to the south. The toll collection is $1. Since March 2018, the toll collection is fully electronic.

The toll bridges are operated by the New York State Thruway Authority.

Traffic intensities

The highway is not extremely busy, with up to 91,000 vehicles near downtown Buffalo. This is slowly decreasing to 12,800 vehicles at the border with Canada.

Interstate 290 in New York

Get started Tonawanda
End buffalo
Length 10 mi
Length 16 km
→ Buffalo / Niagara Falls1 Delaware Avenue

2 Eggert Road

3 Niagara Falls Boulevard

4 → Lockport

5 Millersport Highway

6 Sheridan Drive

7 Main Street

→ Buffalo / Rochester

Interstate 290 or I -290 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway forms Buffalo ‘s northern beltway. The highway is 16 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-290 begins in northwest Buffalo not far from Tonawanda at an interchange with Interstate 190, the highway from Buffalo to Niagara Falls. The highway is called the Youngman Memorial Highway, and has 2×3 lanes. I-290 passes through the northern neighborhoods and suburbs of Buffalo, which mainly consist of fairly old detached houses in a grid pattern. On the northeast side of Buffalo, Interstate 990 ends, forming a short bypass around the outer suburbs northeast of Buffalo. The highway then curves south, ending at Interstate 90, the highway from Cleveland to Boston.


What is now I-290 was planned as Interstate 190. In 1958, the road was renumbered to its current number, to make it clear that it is a major thoroughfare, rather than a branch or bypass. Construction of the motorway began in the early 1960s and was completed in 1965. The interchange with Interstate 990 was opened in 1983.

Traffic intensities

The highway has between 90,000 and 140,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 290 in New York

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