HPU Review

HPU Review

Spending the semester abroad at HPU was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After completing a semester abroad at San Diego State University in 2007, it was clear to me that I would like to take this opportunity again. As I did then, I turned to ehuacom to keep my organization as simple as possible and to have a contact person at all times.

Everything worked very well and without any problems. Everything worked out pretty quickly with a visa and a foreign bafög. The only thing where I had my difficulties was with the vaccinations, because unfortunately I could not prove them and therefore had to be vaccinated again. It’s not that wild.

Thanks to google. com, I was able to find suitable insurance pretty quickly. I chose ACE and I was very happy with it. Even in the event of illness, the people were super competent and friendly.

One of the biggest challenges for me was choosing the right course. There is a large selection of courses, but finding the right one or the one with the right focus was a bit more complicated. Perhaps that was also due to my university, which attached great importance to it. Also, after a while, this difficulty was also successfully eliminated, so that I had three courses on my learning agreement, which were now also credited to me.

University and courses

I took all of my courses on the downtown campus. It was more reminiscent of a business district than a university. This is quite okay. You can find pretty much everything you need. The bib, on the other hand, was rather disappointing. All books had to be bought. I had chosen three graduate courses: 6400 HR; 6000Marketing and 6200 Entrepreneurship.

6400 human resources was a letdown. You learned absolutely nothing but a good grade, if you kept on the ball and always did homework, everyone was sure.

6000 marketing. A lot of interesting cases – in the book. The teacher was very focused on himself and his chain in New York, so that there was hardly any new material to learn. This course involved a lot of presentations and homework. In the end, a marketing plan had to be written and presented. I really liked the book, so the course wasn’t as boring as HR.

My favorite course was definitely entrepreneurship, even if I got the “worst” grade there. The teacher was very demanding but also taught us a lot of things. It was interesting to hear his opinion on many topics, as he was an entrepreneur himself and supervised and successfully implemented a unique project in Hawaii. In this course, two business plans had to be written.

As it is already clear from other reports, the housing situation was not the easiest. The landlords knew very well that the demand for apartments was enormous and drove up rental prices. At first I lived in a private housing. It was a house that private people rented exclusively to students. We were a total of 10 people in one house. I had a shared room with a bathroom and paid $ 650 for it. I later moved to an apartment in Waikiki, where I also shared a room, paying only 450. I have to say that I was VERY lucky to find such a cheap room. You should look for an apartment in Waikiki or nearby.


I fell in love with this island. Have been home for two weeks now and still can’t believe I spent 5 months there. Would love to go back any time! Hawaii isn’t just Waikiki and the beach. It’s so much more! The people, the aloha feeling, the indescribable nature and so much more. I could rave about it for days. In a nutshell: don’t just stay in Waikiki. Also explore the other parts of the island! Go hike! Be it Diamond Head, Koko Head or the advanced hikes Kaau crater and three peaks. . . it does! Without hiking you only experienced half of Oahu. It’s so much fun to be out and about in the jungle and enjoy nature. I’ve never done this in my life before Hawaii and I’ve become addicted to it. Did several hikes two and three times Because I couldn’t get enough of it. So be careful. . risk of infection!;)

Go to the beach as often as possible! My favorite place was Fort de Russy, where I played beach volleyball. You get to know a lot of locals there really quickly. If you are accepted into their circle, you feel like a member of a small family. It’s always the same people who come to the beach every day to play volleyball. This is the place I miss the most.
Go surfing. If not in Hawaii, where else?:))

Visit other islands. I’ve been to Kauai, the Big Island, and Molokai. Every island is different and super beautiful, but Molokai was my favorite. There was absolutely nothing to do there. Kilometers of lonely beaches and untouched nature. . . and not a soul. Isn’t really that surprising when you consider that the island only has 7000 inhabitants. Just like I always imagined Hawaii.

I love this archipelago and try to get back there as soon as possible! I can really only recommend you to go there! Enjoy it!

HPU Review

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