How to Mark the Concave Eye makeup Tips

One of the most important parts in any makeup is mark the concave of the eye. However, many women still get confused or don’t know well where is this region. The concave, is the deepest part of the eye, which is located between the eyelid and eyebrow. So when he’s marked, check the sense of depth to the area, making the eye grow and become more detached and beautiful.

Generally, the most used color to mark the concave is Brown, but nothing prevents to use stronger colors such as graphite, black and etc. The brush used to mark the concave can be rounded for the purposes more discreet and diurnal, or makes the brush beveled and boring, for most purposes highlighted and makeup and glamorous night clubs, passed with the shadow all over the place. Here at you can get more skills of the eyes makeup fashion.

However, many women do not have this concave line the eyes very defined, in these cases, with the help of the brush, use a Brown shade, in this case a tom matte, the inside corner to the outside corner of the eye. Without spreading too, vanish this region, but the line continue. The intent here is to give greater prominence to this line of concave, so that the effect can be seen both close as by far.

To learn how to do, follow the step by step:

– Choose a shade that matches your skin. Preferably, to stay in the middle term, is neither too soft and not very striking.

-Place the brush at the beginning of the concave, diagonally the eyebrow.

-Apply the shadow from the outside in, following the natural curve of the eyelid.

– Open your eyes and use the natural curve of the eyelid as base. Pass the brush up a bit to a blur effect.