Hitchhiking to Patagonia: Things that Money Does Not Buy

I can’t explain to sure how amazing things happen and I can’t even tell why traveling is so addictive, but one thing is fact: traveling, these things just happen and maybe this will also explain my second question.

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I have already lost the bills of how many times I heard it takes a lot of guts to do what I do, but I guess I never really agreed to it, courage is not quite necessary but freedom of spirit. When you are open and light to receive anything that comes, the world conspires and sends us back everything we are willing to donate!

For those who don’t know, me and my partner Brian left from Curitiba last Thursday with our backpacks and no money in his pocket. We have our photos to sell or swap for food, the thumbs up and, most importantly, a lot of positive energy!

Today, 5 days and almost 5000 kilometers later, we just arrived in Patagonia and now begins the best part of the trip.

Luck? Crazy? Danger? I know many people find it all, but I think it’s a little unfair to call it that because it would be like saying it doesn’t like a flavor without ever having it tasted. In just 5 days, we have experienced experiences that would be worth a lifetime and the old expression “there are certain things that money does not buy” has never made so much sense… let’s go to some details:

Friday we picked up a lot of hitchhikers and managed to travel from step back to São Borja, the famous city of Presidents. The last trucker who drove us there was one of those paizões who gave us a bath ticket at the post he suggested kindly slept. The rank was the busiest in the region with security 24 hours and countless parked trucks ready to spend the night there and leave early in the morning, just like us… With so much flow, the environment was perfect for sunrise with a great ride to the next destination, so there we stayed.

However, there was a problem: we had no tent for camping and sleeping in the back was asking to be charged by mosquitoes… the night would not be the easiest. That ticket to the bath we won or was used because the place we were going to sleep was so dirty it wouldn’t make the slightest difference with or without bath. At 8 P.M. We were filthy asking to cook a noodle at the restaurant at the station and waiting for the end of the pump gas, which only ended up to 1 A.M., because we would sleep in their little house of rest. All the staff at the station welcomed us in the best possible way, we sold some photos, we gained fruits for breakfast and helped us to fix some seats to sleep in their little house.

Well…almost midnight and we were already waiting a few hours ago, when we received a message from a person saying that he accompanied us in the Instagram, was of São Borja and who would have a way to pick us up at the post.

“But what do you mean? What person? Is it a girl? ”

These questions only lasted the time to run, pick up our rucksacks in the bag and go to the convenience store wait. In a few minutes, it descends from a car the most welcoming smile we could wait and comes soon presenting: “I am Larissa and this is my mother Dona Aparecida, what a pleasure to meet you!”. We walked into the car, took a stroll around São Borja and went to the beautiful family house, where his Opeoluwa, Larissa’s father, expected us to smile open with a great bed to sleep, towels fragrant, warm bath and very fondness. AHH, and as if it wasn’t enough, we still won a brand-new tent and a tiger eye bracelet for our protection from the front.

Of course, our idea of leaving early to the next destination has changed, after all, traveling without planning is to be open for new experiences all the time. We woke up with a warm “good morning, already has coffee on the table!” We delight in a breakfast worthy of 5 star hotel, we went for a stroll on the family farm and farewell with the best wishes of a good way in a lunch of those to take out the belly of misery for a long time.

Maybe Larissa’s family didn’t do anything too much, but they confirmed what brought us here: you can do what they expect you to do, or you can just do differently.

Traveling without money is being challenging on many levels, but on the other hand is returning me the hope of a world more generous and without prejudice. As I would say Amyr Klink, “You need to know the cold to enjoy the warmth, and the opposite.” They are small gestures that make every difference in a trip like this and I will definitely carry that with my values for my whole life wishing a more free way to all of us!