GCD Exchange Program

GCD Exchange Program


The university looks pretty good from the outside, it’s a pretty old and beautiful building. However, the rooms are old and not modern. There is absolutely no comparison to the German standard. There are some lecture rooms that have been renovated, but most of the rooms are in need of renovation.

What bothered me most personally was the library and the opening times. Too few seats, small and old study area and the heating did not always work. In addition, most of the books I used are very out of date and often the recommended literature was not available in the library.

The cafeteria is very nice, as it is newly renovated, and also offers good food. There is an Irish breakfast buffet in the morning, which is also reasonably priced. For lunch you have to calculate about 5 to 7 euros, which is still quite cheap for Dublin. There is also a Starbucks in the cafeteria, which I personally thought was great.

Course content / study conditions

I took three courses ( Company Law, Strategic Management and HR ) because I decided to enjoy my time in Ireland. With four courses you are definitely well utilized if you want very good grades. Assignments have to be written during the semester, which takes about 1 week depending on the subject. Depending on the subject, the assignments comprise approx. 2000 to 3000 words, the grades then count towards the final grade. According to Abbreviationfinder, GCD is the abbreviation of Griffith College Dublin.

The final exam lasts 3 hours and is writing intensive. The learning content must not be reproduced in key words, but must be formulated in essay style.

Compared to the German university, the content of the lectures is very simple and only requires a few days of exam preparation. The VL is more reminiscent of the school days, everything is explained in detail and attendance is compulsory. Anyone who values ​​a valuable and instructive VL is not necessarily at the right address.

The grades for me were in the two-point range, which was completely justified in terms of my learning intensity.

If you invest more in the university and make more effort, the grades can be better.

The lecturers are all very nice and helpful. If you have any questions or the course content is unclear, help is always available and you are always ready to listen to the students.

I gave this area 4 stars because the content of the lecture was simple, the exam was fair and I am satisfied with the grades.


You can make friends very quickly in Ireland and you are really never alone. There’s a fraternity on campus that puts on a movie night every Tuesday, which was really great! Horror films were watched at Halloween time and Christmas classics were watched around Christmas time. The movie night costs nothing and you can bring your own drinks. After the film, something was often discussed about this, which of course was also helpful to improve the English a bit.

There are plenty of opportunities to go out in Dublin from Monday to Sunday. It definitely NEVER gets boring in this city.

The Irish are a super nice, fun and open people. I’ve rarely made friends as quickly as in Ireland. It is absolutely no problem to go out alone, as you get to know new people immediately in every pub. The only downside to going out is the prices. You can expect between 5 and 8 euros per beer. As a student, you have to know when you are going where, otherwise it can quickly get pretty expensive. On student days, the beer is also available from 2 euros.

From Dublin, you can travel around the country cheaply and quickly by bus. Within 2 hours you are in Galway, which in my opinion is the most beautiful city in Ireland. A trip to the Wicklow Mountains (PS. I love you, was filmed here) is also worth a trip.


The fun was NEVER neglected, but that was also due to the fact that I only took 3 courses. I had a great semester abroad and never thought that I would like Ireland so much.

Dublin is definitely a great, multicultural, modern and exciting city. There are many offers around culture, pubs, clubs and nature. However, it is especially the Irish culture and the people that made it incredibly easy for me to feel so comfortable – and almost at home – very quickly.


The food costs are a lot more expensive than in Germany, about 30% in my opinion. You have to know what is currently on offer, then you can save a lot.

The rental prices are very high. For a room, which corresponds to the German standard (central location), you can expect 600 to 800 euros. A little outside of Dublin (about 20 minutes by bus) it gets a bit cheaper.

I was lucky enough to live with an Irish couple. It is not uncommon for Irish people to rent a room in their house to students, as it is quite difficult to find a suitable and affordable room. I shared the room with a fellow student and each of us paid 435 euros per month. Then there is of course the monthly bus ticket, which is around 120 euros.

There is no shortage of culinary delights in Dublin, there is a wide range on offer. If you go out for dinner in the evening you can quickly get around 15 to 20 euros, but then it tastes great! I would say that value for money is definitely right here. The lunch table is available from 10 euros.


Even if I didn’t take a lot of education with me this semester, I would choose Ireland again and again !!!! I took the Irish culture and serenity with me, which is often missing in Germany. It’s the Irish mentality and the Irish, and the great country, why I recommend everyone to spend a semester in Dublin !!!!

Griffith College Dublin Exchange Program

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