Grenada Education

Grenada Education

It is compulsory and free school for all children aged 6-14. Grenada has a 7-year primary school, which begins when the children are 5 years old. The high school is 5 + 2 years. The country has a technical school, a fishery school, a teacher’s school and a branch of the West Indian University. Grenada has a university, the University of St. George, with education in medicine and veterinary medicine. Check topschoolsintheusa for test centers of ACT, SAT, and GRE as well high schools in the country of Grenada.

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Grenada Schooling

Land area 344 km²
Total population 113.094
Population density (per km²) 328.8
Capital St. George´s
Official language English
Income per capita $ 15,100
Currency East Caribbean dollar
ISO 3166 code GD
Internet TLD .gd
License plate Flat share
Telephone code + 1-809
Time zone UTC – 4th
Geographic coordinates 12 07 N, 61 40 W.
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Saint George’s

Saint George’s, the capital of the small island state of Grenada in the Caribbean; 7500 residents (2012). The town is picturesque on the hillside of the island’s southwest coast with a well-protected harbor. The French built the city in 1650, and it later became the capital of the British Windward Islands. The city’s economy is based on tourism besides sugar and liquor production.

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