Granville, West Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Granville, West Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, Granville, West Virginia is bordered by six other cities and towns. To the north is the city of Morgantown, which is home to West Virginia University and many other attractions. Morgantown offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

To the east of Granville is the city of Fairmont. This city has a rich history and offers visitors a variety of attractions such as historic sites and museums, parks, art galleries, and more. Fairmont also has a vibrant downtown district with plenty of shopping and dining options.

To the south of Granville is the town of Mannington. This small town has several historic buildings that have been preserved from its past as well as modern amenities such as restaurants and shopping centers. Mannington also hosts several events throughout the year such as music festivals and art fairs.

To the west lies The City of Bridgeport which offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities in its nearby state parks as well as a vibrant downtown area with plenty of restaurants and shops to explore.

Finally, to the northwest lies Clarksburg which offers visitors an array of attractions including historic sites such as Pricketts Fort State Park or Harrison County Courthouse Square Park. Clarksburg also has a lively downtown district with plenty to see and do including galleries, shops, restaurants, nightlife spots, theatre performances, festivals, farmers markets, and more.

These six cities all border Granville making it easy for visitors to explore all that West Virginia has to offer within a short drive from this small town.

Population of Granville, West Virginia

Granville, West Virginia is home to a population of 1,902 people according to ehuacom. The population is made up of various ethnicities and races with most of the residents being White (84.6%), African American (11.8%), and Hispanic or Latino (2.1%). The median age of the population in Granville is 42 years old with 24.2% of its population being under the age of 18 and 12.4% being over the age of 65.

The median household income in Granville is $36,977 which is lower than both the West Virginia average ($43,011) and the national average ($53,482). The poverty rate in Granville is slightly higher than both state and national averages at 20%. This means that one out of every five people living in Granville lives below the poverty line.

The most common occupations for people living in Granville are retail salespersons (10%), food preparation workers (7%), cashiers (5%), janitors and housekeeping cleaners (3%), construction laborers (3%), and office clerks (3%). The majority of jobs are found within retail trade (19%) followed by health care and social assistance (12%) as well as educational services, arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, food services, manufacturing, public administration, finance/insurance/real estate/rental leasing, professional/scientific/management/administrative support services all making up 9% or more each.

Granville has a relatively young population making up a large portion of its overall population which can be attributed to its proximity to West Virginia University located just north in Morgantown as well as other local colleges such as Fairmont State University located east in Fairmont. With plenty of opportunities for recreation and culture nearby it’s no wonder that many students choose to call Granville home.

Granville, West Virginia

Schools and education of Granville, West Virginia

Granville, West Virginia is home to a number of schools and educational opportunities. The Monongalia County Schools system serves the majority of Granville’s population with two elementary schools – Cheat Lake Elementary and Eastwood Elementary – one middle school – Westwood Middle School – and one high school – Morgantown High School. All four schools are ranked among the top-performing schools in the state according to U.S. News & World Report.

In addition to these public schools, Granville is also home to several private institutions. These include the Catholic school Mountaineer Montessori Academy, which serves students from pre-K through 8th grade, as well as a variety of other private schools offering religious education such as St. Francis Xavier School and St. Mary’s Catholic School.

Higher education opportunities are also available in Granville with multiple colleges located within a short drive of the town including West Virginia University (WVU) located just north in Morgantown, Fairmont State University located east in Fairmont, and Shepherd University located south in Shepherdstown. WVU offers over 200 undergraduate degrees and 100 graduate degrees ranging from business to engineering to journalism and many more.

Granville is also home to several community centers that offer various programs for adults and children such as literacy classes, job training courses, GED prep classes, art classes, music classes, language courses, cooking classes and much more. These programs help equip individuals with the skills they need for success both inside and outside of the classroom setting.

The town of Granville has plenty of educational opportunities for people of all ages whether it be through public or private schooling or through various community centers offering unique learning experiences. With so many options available it’s no wonder that many choose Granville as their place to call home.

Landmarks in Granville, West Virginia

Granville, West Virginia is a small town situated in the Appalachian Mountains of Monongalia County. It is known for its beautiful views of the Allegheny Mountains and lush valleys. Granville has a rich history and is home to many landmarks that reflect its past.

One of Granville’s most iconic landmarks is the Monongalia County Courthouse. Built in 1885, the courthouse is made of red brick with white stone trim and features a bell tower that overlooks downtown Granville. Inside the courthouse, visitors can explore the courtroom where many important court cases have been heard over the years.

The historic Granville Hotel is another notable landmark in town. Built in 1868, this grand hotel has hosted many famous guests over the years including President Teddy Roosevelt and General Robert E Lee. The hotel features an ornate lobby with a grand staircase, marble floors, stained glass windows and an old-fashioned bar that serves up classic drinks like mint juleps and old fashioneds.

The Monongalia County Historical Society Museum is also located in Granville and offers visitors a chance to explore its collection of artifacts from early settlers and Native Americans who have called this area home for centuries. Visitors can also learn about local history through interactive exhibits featuring artifacts from the Revolutionary War era up to modern times.

Granville’s churches are also noteworthy landmarks with some dating back to before the Civil War such as St Paul’s Episcopal Church which was built in 1854. Other churches include First Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, Mountaineer United Methodist Church and Sacred Heart Catholic Church among many others offering visitors a look into Granville’s religious past.

The town of Granville also has several parks including Cheat Lake Park which offers spectacular views of Cheat Lake as well as walking trails, fishing areas, playgrounds and picnic tables for visitors to enjoy year-round activities outdoors. Eastwood Park is another popular destination for locals with its large open fields ideal for playing sports or just enjoying time outdoors with family or friends while admiring views of Eastwood Mountain nearby.

Lastly, no visit to Granville would be complete without stopping by Strickler’s Ice Cream Parlor & Soda Fountain which has been serving up delicious homemade ice cream since 1947. This popular spot offers classic flavors like vanilla bean or raspberry swirl alongside signature creations like Strickler Sundae or Butter Pecan Fudge Ripple all served up in generous portions sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

From historic buildings to churches, parks to ice cream parlors – there are plenty of landmarks throughout Granville that offer visitors an opportunity to experience its unique history and culture first hand. Whether you are looking for outdoor recreation or just want to relax while admiring stunning views – you will find plenty here in this charming little mountain town.

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