Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia Travel Guide

Climate in Georgia

The US state Georgia is located at the latitude of North Africa. Georgia has a subtropical climate and the summers are hot and humid. Summer temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, in combination with very high humidity, are often even more exhausting than the thermometer suggests. It will be particularly oppressive in summer on the plains in the south of the state.

The winter in Georgia are quite mild. Except in the Appalachian Mountains in the north, sub-zero temperatures are rarely recorded. The maximum temperatures are often over 10 degrees Celsius, even in winter. In the far north, however, precipitation in winter often falls as snow.

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has a comparatively pleasant climatic central location. The location of Atlantas in the foothills between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains saves residents and travelers from excessive heat in summer and frosty cold in winter. However, it rains a lot in Atlanta. Up to 1,200 mm of precipitation can fall here per year. For comparison: that is twice as much as in London. In winter, it sometimes snows in Atlanta too.

The US state of Georgia is often hit by severe thunderstorms or even tornadoes. The devastating Atlanta Tornado Outbreak in March 2008 is still dramatically remembered by residents.

Best time to visit Georgia

Georgia is at its most beautiful from April to June. The trees are then in splendid bloom. The temperatures are mild, but you don’t have to expect the humid heat of midsummer. The temperatures are also pleasant between mid-September and well into October. However, an umbrella or rain jacket should not be forgotten when packing your suitcase.
On the coast it is not quite as mild in winter as in neighboring Florida. But here on the Atlantic coast, near the Gulf of Mexico, daytime temperatures of over 15 degrees Celsius are reached even in December and January. Spring starts early, in autumn it is still warm in November. The much more pristine beaches of Georgia can be a real alternative to the partially overcrowded Florida even in winter.

Georgia Landmarks

According to ehotelat, Georgia is one of the most famous states in the whole of the USA. Among other things, the world-wide popular drink Coca Cola has its origin here. But the state has more to offer than just a syrup mixed with soda. There is a large number of different sights and attractions here that a tourist can see.

So you should visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church. She became known through the preacher Martin Luther King. Both his father and his father were active as preachers here.
The tomb of the famous revolutionary has also been located near the church since 1977.

Artlanta Hartsfield International Airport may also be worth a visit. It is one of the largest airports in the world.
Atlanta’s oldest building is not to be missed. Georgia Railroad Freight Depot station was built in 1867.
A visit to the Georgia Aquarium is particularly recommended for families with children on vacation in Georgia. It is the largest indoor aquarium in the whole world at the moment. In pools of over 30,000 m³ there are more than 120,000 sea creatures five hundred different species to admire. One of the main attractions of the marine aquarium are the whale shark and beluga whales.

Museum lovers shouldn’t miss the New Echota State Historic Site, an open air museum. Cherokee Indians lived there from 1825-1838. Today, reconstructed wooden houses and log cabins from this period can be viewed in the museum, as well as original buildings from the 19th century, such as the Vann Tavern or the Worchester House.

Also worth seeing is the High Museum of Art. It is the largest art museum in the entire southern state. Here you can see European, American and African as well as modern and folkloric art.
Learn about the history of the city of Atlanta at the Atlanta History Center. The main focus of the museum is on the period of the Recession War and the civil rights movement.
Learn about Georgia’s natural and cultural history at the Georgia State Capitol. The building was modeled on the Washington Capitol. It was built in 1889.
Other buildings worth seeing are the Carter Presidential Center and Museum of Jimmy Cater Library, the birthplace of Martin Luther and also the Margaret Mitchel House & Museum, but also the Big Chicken, the Nations Bank Plaza and the CNN Center in Atlanta.

Stone Mountain is recommended for nature lovers. This is the third largest monolith and largest exposed granite boulder in the world. Also worth seeing is the largest bas-relief in the world on the north face in Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis can be seen there.

Georgia Travel Guide

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