Gambia Education

Gambia Education


Nine-year primary/elementary school was introduced in Gambia in 2002. The children start school at the age of seven. In 2010, seven out of ten children in the current age group attended primary school. Secondary school encompasses three years and is given with different specializations, e.g. scientific, economic, aesthetic or technical field. Education is available to girls as much as to boys. Check topschoolsintheusa for test centers of ACT, SAT, and GRE as well high schools in the country of Gambia.

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Gambia Schooling

Land area 11,295 km²
Total population 2,173,999
Population density (per km²) 192.5
Capital Banjul
Official language English
Income per capita 2,600 USD
Currency Dalasi
ISO 3166 code GM
Internet TLD .gm
License plate WAG
Telephone code +220
Time zone UTC 0
Geographic coordinates 13 28 N, 16 34 W.

Higher education is provided at the University of Gambia, the Gambia College of Education, the Gambia Technical Training Institute and The Management Development Institute. The reading and writing skills of the adult population (over 15 years) were estimated to be 47% in 2009 (58% for men and 36% for women). In 2010, 23% of government spending went to education.

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