East Machias, Maine Population, Schools and Places of Interest

East Machias, Maine Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, East Machias is a small town located in Washington County, Maine. It borders the towns of Machiasport, Cutler, and Jonesboro. The town has a population of around 1,000 people and is situated on the banks of the East Machias River. The area is known for its rural charm and breathtaking views of the river and surrounding countryside.

Most of East Machias’s economy revolves around fishing, logging, and tourism. There are several small businesses in town including restaurants, grocery stores, and other shops. The town also has a number of recreational opportunities such as camping at nearby Quoddy Head State Park or fishing in one of the many nearby rivers and streams.

The closest city to East Machias is Machiasport which is located just five miles away. This bustling port city has a population of over 4,000 people and serves as the county seat for Washington County. It’s home to several marinas as well as a variety of shops and restaurants along its waterfront boardwalk.

Cutler is another neighboring town located about 15 miles away from East Machias. This small community has a population of less than 500 people but it’s known for its beautiful scenery which includes rolling hills, lush forests, and panoramic views of Cutler Bay from atop Cutler Mountain. One popular attraction here is Cutler Coast Public Reserve which offers visitors access to miles of trails leading to stunning overlooks along the Maine coast.

Finally there’s Jonesboro which sits about 20 miles away from East Machias. This quaint little village has a population around 650 people but it still manages to offer plenty for visitors to do including historic sites such as Fort O’Brien State Historic Site or outdoor activities like canoeing or kayaking on one of its many nearby lakes or rivers.

All in all East Machias provides an ideal location for those looking for some peace and quiet surrounded by beautiful natural scenery without being too far from civilization. With so much to offer visitors can easily find something interesting to do no matter what their interests may be.

Population of East Machias, Maine

East Machias, Maine is a small town located on the banks of the East Machias River. According to ehuacom, it has a population of around 1,000 people and is known for its rural charm and breathtaking views. The area is predominantly rural with only a few small businesses in town including restaurants, grocery stores, and other shops.

The majority of East Machias’s population are white Americans, accounting for 92.7% of the population in 2019. The second largest ethnic group are African Americans, making up 4.2% of the population. Other races such as Native American, Asian American, and Hispanic or Latino make up the remaining 3.1%.

The median age in East Machias is 48 years old with 28% of the population being under 18 years old and 12% being over 65 years old. The median household income is $41,000 which is slightly lower than the national average and 25% of families living below poverty level.

Education wise, most residents have completed high school or some college with only 8% having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. Unemployment rates are relatively low at 5%, however there are limited job prospects available due to its rural location and lack of industry in the area so many people have to travel outside of East Machias for employment opportunities.

Overall East Machias has a diverse yet predominantly white American population that reflects its rural location and lack of economic opportunities within the area. Despite this, it remains an attractive destination for those seeking peace and quiet surrounded by natural beauty without being too far from civilization.

East Machias, Maine

Schools and education of East Machias, Maine

East Machias, Maine is home to two public schools: East Machias Elementary School and Washington Academy. Both schools are part of the Washington County school district and serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

East Machias Elementary School serves students from kindergarten to fifth grade and offers a variety of educational activities and programs designed to develop academic, social, and emotional skills. The school has a strong focus on literacy, math, science, and social studies as well as extracurricular activities such as art, music, physical education, clubs, and community service projects.

Washington Academy is the only secondary school in the town offering grades six through twelve. The academy is known for its comprehensive educational program that includes specialized classes in advanced math and science as well as foreign language courses such as Spanish or French. Extracurricular activities are also available including sports teams such as soccer or basketball, theater productions, art classes, student government associations (SGA), and more.

In addition to these two public schools there are also several private options available in East Machias including St. Ann’s Catholic School which offers preschool through eighth grade education with a focus on religious instruction; Aroostook Christian Academy which offers preschool through twelfth grade; Maine Coast Christian School which provides an alternative learning environment for children aged three to eighteen; and Downeast Adventist Academy which offers preschool through twelfth grade with an emphasis on Christian values.

Overall East Machias provides a variety of educational options for residents looking for a quality education in an area known for its rural beauty. With both public schools offering strong academic programs supplemented by various private schools there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

Landmarks in East Machias, Maine

East Machias, Maine is a small rural town located in Washington County. With its picturesque landscapes and friendly locals, East Machias is an ideal destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The town is home to a variety of landmarks and attractions that make it a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

One of the most recognizable landmarks in East Machias is the East Machias River. This winding river runs through the heart of town and offers some of the best fishing in all of Maine. Along the banks are several parks where visitors can take advantage of scenic views, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more.

Another popular landmark in East Machias is Washington Academy. This historic private high school was founded in 1792 by Benjamin Washington and offers some of Maine’s best educational opportunities for students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Visitors can take a tour of their beautiful campus which includes several historic buildings as well as modern facilities such as a library, gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, laboratories, and more.

The East Machias Historical Society Museum is also located in town and offers visitors an opportunity to explore local history through exhibits on Native American artifacts, colonial life, maritime history, early settlers’ tools and implements, 19th century furniture pieces from local homes and businesses, photographs from past generations, early newspapers from 18th century East Machias newspapers among many other interesting artifacts.

The Robert Loring Memorial Park is another popular attraction in East Machias that features a playground area for children as well as picnic tables with grills that are available for rent during warm months. The park also has two basketball courts along with several hiking trails that wind through lush forests filled with wildlife such as deer or wild turkeys.

Finally there’s the famous Lobster Shack at Two Bridges Restaurant which serves up some delicious seafood dishes made with fresh caught lobster right off their own lobster boat. Visitors can enjoy eating outside while taking in breathtaking views of Passamaquoddy Bay or they can choose to dine inside where they can admire old photographs depicting life on the bay dating back over 100 years ago.

Overall there are plenty of landmarks to explore while visiting East Machias. Whether you’re looking to explore local history at one of its museums or relax beside Passamaquoddy Bay there’s something for everyone here.

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