Dominica Education

Dominica Education


The school system is poorly developed even after West Indian conditions. In principle, schooling is free of charge and compulsory for ages 5 to 15, but a shortage of teachers, premises and teaching materials makes schooling sporadic for many. The proportion of illiterate adults is estimated to be about 18%. There are no opportunities for higher education.

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Dominica Schooling

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Roseau, the capital of Dominica, independent Caribbean island; 16,600 residents (2007). The town is located on the hillside on the southwest coast and is somewhat marked by tourism; however, the harbor is too shallow to receive cruise ships, which must anchor up the nest.

Roseau was destroyed by the French in 1805 and by Hurricane David in 1979; yet it has many colonial-style houses. Just outside the city is the 60 m high waterfall Trafalgar, which has both a cold and a warm stream, the latter from hot springs, of which there are several on the volcanic island.

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