Crowley County, Colorado Demographics

Crowley County, Colorado Demographics

Crowley County is located in the southeastern portion of the state of Colorado. It is bordered by Otero County to the north, Bent County to the east, Prowers County to the south and Kiowa County to the west. The county covers an area of 1,541 square miles and has a population of 5,837 according to the 2010 census.

The geography of Crowley County consists mainly of flat plains with some rolling hills and small mountains scattered throughout its landscape. The county is home to several rivers including the Arkansas River which forms its northern boundary. A large portion of Crowley County lies within the Comanche National Grassland which was established in 1960 by Congress as part of an effort to protect and preserve native grasslands in Colorado.

The climate in Crowley County is semi-arid with hot summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from a high of about 88 degrees Fahrenheit in July down to a low around 16 degrees Fahrenheit during January. Precipitation averages around 15 inches per year with most falling during late spring and early summer months.

The population of Crowley County is largely rural with only two incorporated towns: Ordway and Sugar City. Ordway, located near the center of Crowley County, has a population of 896 people while Sugar City has a population of just over 400 people. The remainder of the residents live on farms or ranches that are spread out across the county’s vast landscape.

Economy of Crowley County, Colorado

Crowley County’s economy is largely based on agriculture and ranching. The county is home to many large farms and ranches that produce a variety of crops such as corn, sorghum, wheat, hay, alfalfa, barley, and oats. Livestock production is also an important part of the local economy with cattle and sheep being the most common animals raised.

In addition to agriculture and ranching, Crowley County also has some light industry. There are several manufacturing plants located in the county that produce items such as furniture and clothing. Additionally, there are several small businesses in the area that provide services to residents such as auto repair shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and retail outlets.

The county also benefits from tourism due to its proximity to Pueblo Reservoir State Park which offers camping, fishing, boating, hiking trails and other outdoor activities. The park also draws visitors from out of state who come for the annual Pueblo Balloon Fest which is held each summer at the reservoir.

In recent years, Crowley County has seen an increase in oil production due to advances in fracking technology which has enabled companies to drill deeper into the ground for oil reserves. This has led to an influx of jobs in the area as well as increased revenue for local businesses related to oil production such as trucking companies that haul materials related to drilling sites.

Crowley County’s economy is diverse with agricultural production being its main source of income followed by light industry and tourism. Oil production has been a growing sector in recent years but remains relatively small compared with other industries in the area.

Libraries in Crowley County, Colorado

According to babyinger, Crowley County, Colorado is home to several libraries that provide a variety of services to residents. The most prominent library in the county is located in Sugar City and is known as the Crowley County Library. This library offers a wide range of materials and services to patrons including books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, computers with internet access, and free Wi-Fi. The library also hosts various events throughout the year such as story time for children and author visits.

The library also offers book clubs for adults as well as a variety of classes such as computer basics and resume writing. Additionally, patrons can take advantage of reference services which include help with research projects or accessing online databases. The library also houses an extensive genealogy collection which includes records from local cemeteries and historical societies.

In addition to the Crowley County Library there are several other libraries located in other towns throughout the county including Ordway, Olney Springs, Manzanola, Rocky Ford, Swink, and La Junta. These smaller libraries offer many of the same services as their larger counterpart but on a more limited scale due to their size. They also host various events throughout the year such as book clubs for adults or craft nights for children.

Crowley County’s libraries provide essential resources to residents in terms of education and entertainment while also serving as community hubs where people can come together to explore ideas or simply socialize with one another.

Crowley County, Colorado

Landmarks in Crowley County, Colorado

According to a2zdirectory, Crowley County, Colorado is home to a number of unique landmarks that make it a great destination for visitors looking to explore its history and culture. The most notable of these landmarks is the Santa Fe Trail which still runs through the county today. This trail was once used by traders, settlers, and travelers as they made their way through the area in the 19th century. Today, visitors can take advantage of this historic trail by hiking or biking along its path.

Another landmark located in Crowley County is Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site which provides insight into the lives of early settlers who lived in this area during the 1800s. This fort was built by William Bent and his brother Charles on the banks of the Arkansas River and served as a trading post for local Native American tribes until 1849 when it was abandoned. Today, visitors can explore this historic site and learn about its history through various exhibits and guided tours.

The county also boasts several other noteworthy landmarks such as the Crowley County Courthouse which dates back to 1887 and is one of the oldest courthouses still standing in Colorado. Additionally, there are several historic churches scattered throughout Crowley County including St John’s Episcopal Church in Ordway which dates back to 1886 and St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Sugar City which was built in 1906.

Finally, Crowley County is home to a number of natural landmarks such as Picketwire Canyonlands which features an array of petroglyphs carved into cliffs by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. There are also numerous lakes located throughout the county including Lake Henry which is known for its excellent fishing opportunities.

Crowley County has much to offer visitors looking to explore its rich history and culture through its many unique landmarks. From ancient petroglyphs to picturesque lakes there are plenty of sights to see throughout this beautiful region.

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