Crofton, Nebraska Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Crofton, Nebraska Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, Crofton, Nebraska is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state, bordered by five other towns and cities. To the north of Crofton lies Hartington, a small city with a population of just over 2,000 people. Hartington boasts several parks and recreational areas for visitors to explore such as the Hartington City Park which features tennis courts, playgrounds and picnic areas. Just to the east of Crofton lies Yankton, South Dakota’s fourth largest city with a population of nearly 15,000 people. Yankton offers visitors an array of attractions from its historic downtown area to its nearby Lewis & Clark Lake which is popular for fishing and boating.

To the south of Crofton lies Coleridge, a small town with a population of less than 500 people. Coleridge is home to several historical sites including the Coleridge Stone Church which was built in 1887 and is still used today for services. Additionally, there are several parks in Coleridge such as Elmwood Park which features playgrounds and picnic areas as well as nature trails for visitors to explore.

Just west of Crofton lies Niobrara, Nebraska’s second oldest city with a population of just over 1,000 people. Niobrara has many attractions for visitors to enjoy such as its historic downtown area which is full of unique shops and restaurants or its nearby Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge where visitors can observe various wildlife species including deer, elk and bison. Finally just northwest of Crofton lies Tekamah, Nebraska’s oldest city with a population of just under 1,500 people. Tekamah offers visitors plenty to do from visiting local shops and restaurants in its downtown area or exploring nearby recreation areas like Burt County Lake which features camping grounds and boat ramps. With so many bordering towns and cities there’s always something new to explore near Crofton.

Population of Crofton, Nebraska

According to ehuacom, Crofton is a small town located in the northeast corner of Nebraska, with a population of just over 1,200 people. The majority of the population are white (94%), with the remaining 6% being made up of African American, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino residents. The median age in Crofton is 38 years old and the median household income is $42,375.

The largest age group in Crofton is 25-34 years old making up 23% of the population. This is followed by 45-54 year olds (21%) and 35-44 year olds (18%). The town has a relatively low unemployment rate at 4%, with most employed residents working in manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare and social assistance industries.

Crofton also has an above average percentage of high school graduates or higher at 84%. Additionally, 10% have some college education and 6% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Most households are married couples without children (41%) or married couples with children (30%). Single parent households make up 17% of all households in Crofton.

Crofton is a small town comprised mostly of white families who have a relatively high educational attainment rate when compared to other towns its size. With its low unemployment rate and access to nearby cities like Hartington and Yankton for entertainment and work opportunities, it’s no surprise that so many people choose to call Crofton home.

Crofton, Nebraska

Schools and education of Crofton, Nebraska

Crofton, Nebraska is home to a variety of educational opportunities for its residents and students. The Crofton Community School District serves the town and its surrounding area. It is comprised of two schools: Crofton Elementary School and Crofton High School. The district also offers a preschool program for children aged 3-5 years old.

At Crofton Elementary School, students in kindergarten through fifth grade are taught in a standards-based curriculum designed to challenge and engage learners. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as drama club, student council, after school clubs, and intramural sports teams.

Crofton High School offers an extensive selection of courses including traditional core classes as well as advanced placement classes for college credit. Students can participate in a wide range of sports teams, clubs, and activities such as debate team, robotics club, drama club, student council, and many more.

In addition to the public schools in Crofton there are several private institutions available for resident’s educational needs. Options include St. Agnes Catholic School which teaches grades K-12; St. Joseph’s Lutheran Church which teaches grades K-8; Holy Cross Catholic School which teaches grades K-6; and the Little Lambs Nursery & Preschool Center which serves children ages 0-5 years old.

Crofton offers a variety of educational options for its residents ranging from public schools to private institutions catering to different age groups from preschoolers up through high school seniors. With its focus on providing quality education opportunities to all students regardless of background or ability level, it’s no wonder so many families choose to call Crofton home.

Landmarks in Crofton, Nebraska

Crofton, Nebraska is a small town with a lot of character and history. It is home to many landmarks that define the community and make it unique. One of the most well-known landmarks in Crofton is the Crofton Courthouse Square, which was established in 1874 and still stands today. This square has been the site of many historic events, including the annual Crofton Days Festival held each year in August. The courthouse itself is an impressive structure built in the Classical Revival style with distinctive Corinthian columns and stone carvings depicting local flora and fauna.

Another important landmark in Crofton is St. Agnes Catholic Church, which dates back to 1886 and remains an important center for faith and community life today. The church features beautiful stained glass windows, intricate woodwork, and a stunning bell tower that can be seen from miles away.

The Crofton Country Club is another noteworthy landmark in town; it was founded by local business leaders in 1916 as an exclusive members-only club offering golf, tennis, swimming pools, dining facilities, a ballroom for dances and social events, and other amenities to its members.

The historic Hotel Schubert was built in 1884 as one of the first hotels to serve travelers on what would later become known as Highway 81. It served as a popular stopover for weary travelers until it closed its doors for good in 1973; today it stands as one of the oldest standing buildings in town.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of landmarks to explore too. The Niobrara River runs through downtown Crofton offering canoeing opportunities while nearby Lake Yankton provides fishing opportunities for those who want to catch their dinner. There are also several parks throughout town including Memorial Park which features a playground area for kids along with walking trails around scenic ponds where visitors can take a break from their daily grind and enjoy some fresh air.

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